ILayoutView interface

The ILayoutView interface provides access to a Layout View from the SDK. Note that this interface represents the editor view; the ILayout interface provides the interface to the actual layout in the project model.


Return the IProject representing the project associated with this Layout View.
Return an ILayout representing the layout in the project model that this Layout View is showing.
Return an ILayer representing the current active layer selected in this Layout View.
Return the current zoom factor of the Layout View. For example 1 represents 100% zoom, 0.5 represents 50% zoom, etc.
Convert from layout co-ordinates to device pixel co-ordinates in the layout view canvas. This is useful for rendering at device pixel sizes after calling SetDeviceTransform().
Set the given IWebGLRenderer to a device pixel co-ordinate transform. This means co-ordinates used for rendering are based on device pixel co-ordinates relative to the layout view canvas, rather than layout co-ordinates.
Set the given IWebGLRenderer to a layout co-ordinate transform. This is the default and should be restored after using SetDeviceTransform().
Schedules the layout view to be redrawn at the next animation frame. Avoid unnecessarily refreshing the layout view, such as refreshing on a timer, since this can waste battery life.
Addon SDK Manual 2018-01-08

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