IInstanceBase interface

The IInstanceBase interface is used as the base class for instances in the SDK. For "world" type plugins, instances instead derive from IWorldInstanceBase, which itself derives from IInstanceBase.

IInstanceBase cannot be directly constructed; it should only be used as a base class.


Reference to the associated SDK type class.
Reference to the IObjectInstance interface, or IWorldInstance interface for "world" type plugins, representing this instance in the editor. This allows access to Construct's built-in features for instances.


Optional override for when an instance is released.
Optional override for when an instance is created in the editor.
OnPropertyChanged(id, value)
Optional override for when a property with the given ID is changed. The value the property was changed to is also passed.
LoadC2Property(name, valueString)
Optional override to use custom logic for importing properties from a Construct 2 project referencing a Construct 2 version of this plugin.
Return the IProject representing the instance's associated project.
Convenience method to return the IObjectType interface representing Construct's object type class.
Return the IObjectInstance corresponding to this instance.
Addon SDK Manual 2018-01-23

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