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Construct 3 r234

Stable update: mesh editor, new scene graph features, JavaScript Modules & more

02 February, 2021 ()
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It's a new stable release of Construct 3! If you're updating from the last stable release r225, then this update includes changes from r226, r227, r227.2, r228, r229, r230, r231, r232 and r233. Highlights include:

Mesh editor - design object meshes in the Layout View! See Mesh platforms for a quick example.

• Scripting support for JavaScript Modules - see the tutorial Upgrading projects from classic scripts to modules

Create hierarchy option when creating objects to conveniently create entire scene-graph hierarchies

Select mode editor property to conveniently select entire scene-graph hierarchies

20 new example projects to explore on the Start Page

• New German and Croatian translations optionally available (while undergoing review)

• Lots of other improvements and fixes - see all the linked release notes above for full details!

We'll be starting a new beta release update cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the beta release opt-in: choose Notify me about updates for beta releases in Settings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Bug Fixes

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Revert speculative fix for iOS viewport sizing in r233
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Work around Chrome bug seeking videos in preview

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