Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r232

Bug fixes

19 January, 2021 ()

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We're continuing to focus on maintenance as we try to work towards a stable release with a batch of bug fixes, including fixes for some regressions in earlier beta releases. As is becoming usual there are also some new examples to check out on the Start Page, but other than that our focus is to make sure the next stable release is reliable. This might take another release or two, but hopefully we'll have a stable update rolling out to everyone soon!

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New Additions

16 favourites
New examples 'Ceiling trap', 'Shy ghosts', 'Switch blocks'

Bug Fixes

14 favourites
Ensure correct Z ordering for instances in a hierarchy
5 favourites
Timeline and ease sub folder names not saved
6 favourites
Animations editor: crash undoing changes involving moving and adding frames after closing the editor
6 favourites
Text input: 'Scroll to bottom' may not have covered a newly added line
8 favourites
NW.js: exports not working when using module scripts
5 favourites
Possible issue resizing nested dialogs
5 favourites
Layout View: could not paste with Ctrl+V when in popup window
4 favourites
UI could update incorrectly when switching focus between popup windows
4 favourites
Sprite plugin: instances not undoing changes properly (regression r231)
5 favourites
Layout view: touch not working in r231
4 favourites
'Recreate initial objects' not working correctly in r231
5 favourites
Properties bar: unable to select text input fields without dragging (regression r230)
5 favourites
Tilemap bar: first tile of the rectangle tool changing unexpectedly (regression r230)

Language updates

5 favourites
Croatian (hr-HR) language now available by default (under review)

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