Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r233

More bug fixes

26 January, 2021 ()

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We have one more beta release for you this week, which is hopefully the last one before a stable release next week, unless there are any serious unforeseen problems. We've continued to focus on reliability and fixing some further issues. There are also three more new examples to try out! As ever if you run in to any problems, please file an issue following all the guidelines. (Please note issues only mentioned in comments or on the forum won't be investigated - we need more information to be able to help.)

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New Additions

12 favourites
New examples 'Jetpack', 'Orbiting platforms', 'Raycast teleport'

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Minified exports that failed did not report an error
6 favourites
Work around Safari bug that could prevent video playback working in Remote Preview
9 favourites
Speculative fix for viewport sizing issue on iOS
11 favourites
Animations editor: image points changing position after resize (regression r216)

Scripting updates

6 favourites
Fix unminified Android exports failing to import modules

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  • Hey, everyone! We are so glad you're all enjoying the new templates, it really means a lot to us at Viridino Studios. If any of you have suggestions for future templates, feel to drop them below, we will be happy to take them in consideration for future content. Thanks! 😊✨

  • Hello, the developer console requires all applications to switch to Google Play Billing Library Version 3 soon. Here is their link with a description:

  • "Minified exports that failed did not report an error", this helped us addon developers, by a lot! Thanks.

  • the examples are getting better and better

  • I would like to see a search bar on so you can search games

  • Forgive me, another error has occurred.

  • hey every one my construct 3 beta is not opening my project it is saying please wait loading for ever

  • Developers.

    Can a project be saved if the construct crashes?

    Will irreparable errors appear in the future within the project?

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      The crash dialog does have a button to save your project.

      • Perhaps I expressed myself in little detail, I know about preservation.

        The question is what will happen after saving the project, that is, will there be little worms of problems inside the project, after continuing the work of the saved project that was broken?

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    • I mean, such errors that will be inside the project like a small virus with incorrect configuration, which is simply not possible to fix.

      Is this possible?

      Can I save a crashed project to reopen it later to continue working?

  • The browser itself was hanging 2 times.

    when I tried to open the png file

    Or when clearing the image in the editor.

  • Type: unhandled exception

    File:, line 832, col 104

    Message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of null

    Stack: TypeError: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of null at HTMLDocument.Ss.L6 (

    Construct 3 version: r233


    Date: Fri Jan 29 2021 15:23:23 GMT+0300 (Москва, стандартное время)

    Uptime: 30840.5 s

    Platform information

    Browser: Chrome

    Browser version: 88.0.4324.104

    Browser engine: Chromium

    Browser architecture: 64-bit

    Context: browser

    Operating system: Windows

    Operating system version: 10

    Operating system architecture: 64-bit

    Device type: desktop

    Device pixel ratio: 1

    Logical CPU cores: 4

    Approx. device memory: 8 GB

    User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/88.0.4324.104 Safari/537.36

    C3 release: r233 (beta)

    Language setting: en-US

    WebGL information

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      • Ashley
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      I'm afraid it's impossible to help from just this information. The bug report guidelines are there since they are required for us to be able to help. Despite repeating this several times, you keep posting reports of things that are impossible for us to do anything about. Therefore I'm afraid I'm simply going to stop responding to such comments. If you wish for us to actually investigate any issues, as ever, please file an issue following all the guidelines.

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