Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r227.2

Hotfix for r227

02 December, 2020 ()

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Integrating the new minifier with Construct has been very complicated, and unfortunately one more unforeseen issue came up only after we made the last release. This release should correct that issue so hopefully the new minifier is working OK now.

One other issue came up - the Scripts type project property that allows you to switch between Classic and Module scripts was accidentally hidden. It should now be visible again! See the tutorial for Upgrading projects from classic scripts to modules for more information. Remember the old Classic mode will be removed in future, so existing projects ought to switch.

In case you missed it, see also the r227 release notes, which include details about the new minifier and work being done on touch input in the editor.

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Bug Fixes

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New minifier not loading (regression in r227)
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Project 'Scripts type' property accidentally hidden

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  • Still the same problem as r226, I can't preview! I use Photon, and Firebase SDK as third-party plugins (and they worked fine in r225 and before).

    F12 Console shows "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Photon' of undefined".

    And no, I don't need to file a Bug report, because I can always go back to r225. If you really want r227+ features to work with Third-party plugins (i.e. for almost half of your customers) then this feedback should be taken as seriously as a "bug report". In fact, for future, you can add a "Report Problems with this release" (another comment section) on every new release page. Would make things more organised and quick. Let the bug report be for stable releases only.

  • is kool

  • Hello, I've another problem in this bèta version that didn't appear before. I request a project file to load it in an array when it's completed. First time I open the Lay-Out my array is loaded with the file, but when I loose and let the lay-out restart my array doesn't load anymore, so the ajax request seems to fail. 'It is not attached to any other conditions and I've tried different browsers, so don't know what the problem is...

  • I don't think this is the right place to ask this, but do you think you can in the future make it so that instead of just rotating the object 90° in the animation editor, do you think you can make it so that you can also manually rotate it?

  • Hi!

    I haven't been able to export any game to APK for over 1 week.

    Any game I export to APK is stopped on the splashscreen.

    I created a very simple game, just for testing and even so the exported game was stopped on the splashscreen.

  • The problem is the same, I upgraded to 227.2, the problem persists!

  • I have a problem with a black screen screen I've tried simple project.

    R226 was working without any problems

  • I have this fatal crash (every construct tab open crashes...) when I want to change my font type of a text object...

    I also made a mistake an opened the latest beta version for my big project, I can't go back to the 225 stable? :-(

  • Dear friends!

    Due to the last r226 update of my Android game, players complained that the screen is black or white.

    Is it possible to solve such problems if "Minify mode-none" that is, could it be related?