Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r231

New examples; Cordova updates; bug fixes

12 January, 2021 ()

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We continue to focus on maintenance as we try to work towards a stable release, but this release still has a couple of new things. First of all there are four new examples which you can find in the Start Page. We've also done some updates for Cordova exports. In particular a long-standing issue with iOS means camera and microphone input doesn't work inside Cordova apps, but this looks like it will now be supported in a future iOS release. So we've updated the way iOS apps are exported to support camera and microphone input if you tick the relevant permission checkboxes on export. This still does not work in the current version of iOS due to the aforementioned issue in iOS, but hopefully this means in the next iOS update or two it starts working.

We've also decided to enable the dark and light themes in the free edition. This means you don't need a subscription to use the dark theme! It also means Construct will automatically load using the dark theme on first run if you've set your system settings to use a dark theme. (Note if it's not the first run, it will continue to use your existing settings.

As ever there's also a batch of bug fixes. Hopefully if all goes well we will be able to move towards a stable release in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

17 favourites
New examples 'Mesh platforms', 'Fire bars', 'Follow path' and 'World to HUD position'
6 favourites
Cordova export: add Android 11 and iOS 14 to minimum supported version lists


9 favourites
Android export: update target API level to 30 (Android 11)
7 favourites
Update Cordova iOS exports to enable app camera/microphone permissions (should be supported on future iOS versions)
16 favourites
Dark/light themes are now available in the free edition
9 favourites
Default to dark theme when using dark system color scheme

Bug Fixes

10 favourites
Scene graph: possible crash adding instance to a hierarchy
10 favourites
Scene graph: keep correct Z ordering when creating a whole hierarchy at runtime
8 favourites
Scene graph: fix crash undoing undoing changes while instances are selected
8 favourites
Scene graph: avoid adding undo points which make no changes
7 favourites
Dragging of items in table controls sometimes did not work
6 favourites
Tilemap bar: crash using the patch selection tool (regression r230)
14 favourites
Animations editor: instances changing size unexpectedly after adding and moving frames in the editor
11 favourites
Event sheet view: 'call function' actions could disappear when attempting an invalid drag-drop
7 favourites
Touch: gestures not measuring time correctly in worker mode
7 favourites
SVG Picture: did not use correct downscaling quality in editor
7 favourites
Not all keyboard shortcuts worked in popup windows
7 favourites
Possible crash pressing Escape to close dialog in popup window

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  • This is pretty poggers of an update. looking great so far

  • thank you!

  • Yeah dark themes available

  • Thanks again guys!

  • pretty

  • Minor typo in

    "Scene graph: fix crash undoing undoing changes while instances are selected"

  • Type: unhandled rejection

    Reason: Error: frame is not active Error: frame is not active at g.isb ( at n.Gr ( at Object.Sd ( at Object.C3a ( at Object.Sq ( at n.Sq ( at n.osa ( at Object.jqb ( at Array. ( at Object.Lad (

    Stack: Error: frame is not active at g.isb (

  • There are problems when working with textures using "Mesh"

    When, when working with dynamic changes in textures, I press cancel the action (change the position of the polygon), the system crashes and breaks.

    That is, when TiledBackground with physics behavior changes in Mesh polygons and "UNDO" is canceled, the project crashes and breaks.

  • Does not work "Undo - Redo" to restore the size of the first object.

  • Lets go. *click*. NI-