Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r227

Updated minifier; scripting improvements; other changes and fixes

01 December, 2020 ()

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In this release we've updated the minifier used on export. The minifier we use is Google Closure Compiler which is written in Java. The updated minifier is based on directly compiling the Java code to JavaScript and WebAssembly. Hopefully it will work exactly the same as it did before, but run faster. The download is bigger though, so it may take a moment to load the first time you use it, but once it's ready it should be faster than before. This also makes it possible to keep updating the minifier in future, since Google retired their own JavaScript version. Also as WebAssembly technology continues to improve we'll keep it updated in future to ensure it's as small and fast as possible.

As with the minifier, occasionally it's necessary to do maintenance work to ensure our internal code can be simplified where possible, modernised when things go out of date, and adjusted to make sure we can keep maintaining Construct in the long term. Towards this we're also revising many internal details about how touch input is handled in the editor. This will also make it possible to better handle pen input in future. It'll probably take at least a few weeks to sort through the various updates that need to be done. In the mean time there is a chance some aspects of touch input in the editor may unintentionally change or stop working. We'll be doing our own testing to catch these, but we might miss some, so keep an eye out for anything not working as expected and as usual please file an issue following all the guidelines if there's a problem.

Other than that we have a range of other improvements and fixes, including autocomplete support for the new scripting modules, and a keyboard shortcut to reload script files in folder-based projects. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

7 favourites
Keyboard shortcut F9 to reload all scripts from project folder


18 favourites
Switched to new build of Closure Compiler for minifying on export, using WebAssembly to run faster
13 favourites
Editor: switched touch input to use Pointer Events (watch out for regressions)
17 favourites
Text Input: allow numbers to be passed in 'Set text' and 'Append text' actions
18 favourites
Loading a savegame from a different layout no longer triggers 'On created' for created instances

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
Animations editor: fix "External editor" tool in the desktop builds for OS X and Linux
8 favourites
Animations editor: unexpected pixels painted when drawing sharp lines with low opacity
6 favourites
Animations editor: sliding panels not working in mobile layout (regression r226)
8 favourites
Animations editor: toolbar buttons occationaly not working (regression r226)
11 favourites
Could not preview in free edition after attempting remote preview

Scripting updates

9 favourites
Support for autocompleting module import names
8 favourites
Runtime 'pointerup' events could fire twice when releasing mouse button

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  • Oh wow, it'd be so great to see updated touch features with event sheet view, even a toggleable way to "move" events rather than scrolling.

    Its super awesome using c3 on mobile and is very intuitively designed, it just feels like this 1 hurdle within the event sheet view could turn mobile support from "just for some minor touch ups" to "being fully able to use the event sheet view".

    One can wish!

  • We need Local and remote Push Notification addon or plug-in . How many of you agree with me ??

    • If you have suggestions for new features or improvements in Construct 3, we have a feature suggestion platform here which lets everyone vote on their favourite ideas:

      Please look for existing ideas before submitting a new one. It's better to get all votes on the same idea than spreading it around.

  • Is there any plan to extend particle plugin via complex expression or via scriping to grand more access to opengl Point primitive, which particle object is using?

    Or using particle object "import sprite setting" converts them to point primitives?

    And are particles via scripting still undocumented?

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      • Ashley's avatar
      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      • (1 child)

      If you want more advanced control of particles, you can already use the object mode to spawn sprites, and then control those sprites individually.

      • Current advanced control is more like "Sprite basic particle behavior", which adds preview(most important), angle, cone, rate and few other settings to sprite/s, while leaving out the advanced particle spawning as whole!

        Just my thoughts on that specific control and I was not asking for new features, just some exposed controls. Which are already somewhat there if one is to use just sprites and scripting. Leaving few settings angle, cone, rate and few others to expose via scripting.

  • I'm with you, we need a plugin for push notifications, since I have not found a way to do it and it works in any way. I support it being something native to Construct 3 to support mobile development.

  • I hope that you fixed the export problems on r226

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    • Ashley
    • Construct Team Founder
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    It looks like something went wrong with the new minifier as we finally pushed to production, and it doesn't work in this release. I think we'll have a r227.2 release tomorrow to patch that.

    • Please also test the swipe to view properties panel on mobile while viewing event sheet. It starts to show, then springs right back. Worked fine in 226.