Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r228

Mesh editor; new examples; bug fixes

08 December, 2020 ()

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In this release we're introducing the mesh editor! This extends the existing mesh distortion feature to now allow you to design meshes in the Layout View. This should provide some exciting new creative opportunities for level design. In particular since the mesh also adjusts the collision polygon, you can use this for things like more natural ground to run along in platformers. To get started, right-click an object that supports mesh distortion and choose Mesh - Create mesh. Currently objects supporting mesh distortion are Sprite, Tiled Background, and (new in this release) Text and Drawing Canvas. The free edition is limited to editing one mesh per project, but if you have purchased a plan there is no limit. There's a short video example in this tweet. We look forwards to seeing what you can do with this!

Also starting with this release, we are beginning a collaboration with Mateus and Wesley from Viridino Studios to provide a variety of beautifully designed and intruiging new examples for the Start Page. The first set of these are the new Card memory match, On-rails shooter and Tilemap switching examples. Take a look and try them out - and if you have any suggestions for future templates let us know in the comments! We'll be continuing to add more over time.

As ever there's a batch of other bug fixes and improvements too, with full details in the change list below. Happy testing!

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New Features

33 favourites
Mesh editor: design object meshes in the Layout View

New Additions

20 favourites
Text: support for mesh distortion
19 favourites
Drawing Canvas: support for mesh distortion
16 favourites
New example projects 'Card memory match', 'On-rails shooter', 'Tilemap switching'

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Mesh distortion: did not save state with savegames
8 favourites
Drawing Canvas: pasting objects could detach them from their hierarchy
6 favourites
Instance variables dialog did not always show description
5 favourites
Debugger object highlight did not handle layer rotation correctly
5 favourites
Wrong script size in export statistics
7 favourites
Copy/pasting event sheets/layouts did not preserve tab colors
10 favourites
Speculative fix for Android exports not working on some devices since r226
6 favourites
Z order bar: previous selection lost when pressing Ctrl/Cmd to select multiple instances
7 favourites
Mobile layout: sliding panes not working properly (regression r227)
6 favourites
Timeline bar: crash using custom ease with cubic bezier paths (regression r220)
4 favourites
Firefox: preview/remote preview not working in private browsing mode

Scripting updates

5 favourites
Increase free edition limit to 2 script files to work with JavaScript Modules

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  • We are so glad to see those templates available in the editor! We really hope the community enjoy them and use them to learn and create amazing things. Also, a big thanks to the Scirra team! For giving us this incredible opportunity, we promise to try our bests to keep delivering relevant content as much as we can. 😊✨

  • Congrats Mateus!

    Those have to be the BEST EXAMPLES I have ever seen.

    I am shaking on my seat at this moment, eager to see what other examples might arrive soon!

  • Finally! Mesh editor!

  • Great new examples from Mateus and Wesley, they really show off the engine in new ways, like the on the rails shooter. I think projects like this will broaden what people see as possible with Construct beyond the usual 2D platformer!

  • Christmas came early this year

  • I like it the new update

  • Speculative fix for Android exports not working on some devices since r226

  • Congrats to Mateus. Pretty cool examples they have to offer.

    I'd like to see more examples about monetization, especially the Google Adsense Admobs IMA SDK. thanks

  • Nice updates ! I would like to see some examples with admob and in app Store !!

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