Construct 3

New Additions

Below is a comprehensive list of all New Additions in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, Bug Fixes, Changes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


21 Aug, 2018

  • Mobile advert: user consent screen for mobile advert now works on iOS
  • Mobile advert: can now simulate geolocation for mobile advert plugin, to test user consent screens
  • Mobile advert: new action user consent to set the user personalisation status, if you want to use custom consent screens
  • Mobile advert: now able to toggle where you want user consent screens to appear (EU, nowhere, everywhere)
  • Mobile advert: now has 2 properties for setting the app ID, one for Android and one for iOS


13 Aug, 2018

  • New 'Car lanes' template
  • New 'Quiz' template
  • New 'Race track' template
  • Event sheet view: notification if dragging an event variable to a new scope results in events being removed


7 Aug, 2018

  • C3 runtime: Text & SpriteFont 'Is running typewriter text', 'On typewriter text finished' conditions and 'Finish typewriter' action
  • Desktop apps: allow Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab keyboard shortcuts for next/previous tab


23 Jul, 2018

  • Settings: 'Translate expressions' checkbox (enabled by default). Uncheck to always display expressions in English.
  • C3 runtime: support for exporting projects. Note: iOS / Safari may not work correctly until iOS / Safari 12
  • C3 runtime: support for GameCenter plugin
  • C3 runtime: support for Mobile Advert plugin


17 Jul, 2018

  • Addon Manager: now prompts to update addon if installing addon that is already installed
  • Animations Editor: support for multi-selecting frames - delete and sort multiple frames at once
  • Animations Editor: copy and paste collision polygons


2 Jul, 2018

  • C3 runtime: 'Latency hint' property to Audio plugin (trade-off between latency and power usage)
  • C3 runtime: new 'Use worker' setting to host runtime in a Web Worker where supported (currently only Chrome 69+)
  • Properties Bar: can now show object type related properties when selecting an object with no instances in the Project Bar
  • Desktop (NW.js): pass -safe-mode command-line argument to start up in safe mode
  • Mobile: 'Create instance' context menu option for objects in Project Bar, so there is a way to add new instances with the mobile UI


26 Jun, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Greenworks plugin
  • C3 runtime: support for pubCenter plugin


19 Jun, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Windows Store plugin
  • C3 runtime: support for XML plugin
  • Cloud save: new 'Upload' button in save dialog, allowing you to upload a .c3p file to the cloud without opening the project


7 Jun, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Twitter plugin


4 Jun, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Xbox Live plugin
  • Animations Editor: Rename image points using F2 keyboard shortcut


30 May, 2018

  • Welcome dialog shown on first run
  • Preview example projects directly from the Start Page
  • C3 runtime: support for NW.js plugin
  • Mobile Advert: "Show user consent dialog" action (to allow user to change their consent)


22 May, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Instant Games plugin
  • C3 runtime: support for Facebook plugin
  • Text editor: JSON minify and beautify option in context menu (JSON files only)


15 May, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Multiplayer plugin
  • C3 runtime: new icons for Platform Info, Game Recorder, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis plugins
  • Desktop build: 'Display scale' in view menu to adjust zoom level


8 May, 2018

  • Xbox Live: support for Achievements
  • Instant Games: option for 'Load leaderboard scores' to return results from connected players only
  • Animations editor: option to configure up to five external editing programs in desktop app mode
  • Animations editor: fill tool mode to change all pixels with the same color. Disable the new "Flood Fill" to use it.


26 Apr, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for User Media plugin (camera and microphone input only)
  • C3 runtime: new Game Recorder plugin
  • C3 runtime: new Speech Synthesis plugin
  • C3 runtime: new Speech Recognition plugin