Construct 3

New Additions

Below is a comprehensive list of all New Additions in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, Bug Fixes, Changes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


19 Feb, 2018

  • The title and About dialog now indicate if you are using a beta release
  • Dictionary: 'GetDefault' expression (get a key or return custom value if missing)


6 Feb, 2018

  • Desktop build: can now automatically open .c3p or .c3proj files by double-click, if manually associated with the app


22 Jan, 2018

  • Animations Editor: now erases with any drawing tool when the alpha channel is 0
  • Animations Editor: fill and border toggles in the rectangle & ellipse tools
  • Addon Manager: can now multi-select .c3addon files to install
  • Audio: PlaybackRate expression


17 Jan, 2018

  • Can now drag and drop instances from Layout View to Layers Bar to move them to a different layer


15 Jan, 2018

  • Video plugin: VideoWidth and VideoHeight expressions
  • Keyboard: new TypedKey expression, returning the character that would have been typed (including case, accents etc.)
  • Parameters dialog: pressing Enter with an unchosen object parameter now clicks the button
  • Animations editor: add drag and drop functionality to sort image points


11 Jan, 2018

  • Bookmarks bar: keyboard shortcut to delete the selected bookmark


9 Jan, 2018

  • Animations editor: show the index of the currently selected frame in the properties panel


8 Jan, 2018

  • Cordova options dialog: can now choose Android 8.1 as minimum version


4 Jan, 2018

  • Timer behavior: 'Is timer running' condition
  • Animations editor: keyboard shortcut (CTRL + A) to select the whole image with the rectangle select tool


18 Dec, 2017

  • 'Viewport fit' project property. Set to 'cover' to use the full display of the iPhone X.


11 Dec, 2017

  • Project bar: new 'Create new family' context menu option for object types


23 Nov, 2017

  • Expression for transaction information in the Mobile IAP plugin
  • Construct may suggest contributing to an in-progress translation based on your browser language settings


20 Nov, 2017

  • Project bar: object types can now be added to a family via context menu and drag and drop


14 Nov, 2017

  • Incomplete pt-BR translation is now available in developer mode
  • New 'Default save location' setting
  • Animations editor: open respecting the "Initial Animations" and "Initial Frame" properties


7 Nov, 2017

  • PubCenter: support for banner interstitials