Construct 3

New Additions

Below is a comprehensive list of all New Additions in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, Bug Fixes, Changes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


22 May, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Instant Games plugin
  • C3 runtime: support for Facebook plugin
  • Text editor: JSON minify and beautify option in context menu (JSON files only)


15 May, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for Multiplayer plugin
  • C3 runtime: new icons for Platform Info, Game Recorder, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis plugins
  • Desktop build: 'Display scale' in view menu to adjust zoom level


8 May, 2018

  • Xbox Live: support for Achievements
  • Instant Games: option for 'Load leaderboard scores' to return results from connected players only
  • Animations editor: option to configure up to five external editing programs in desktop app mode
  • Animations editor: fill tool mode to change all pixels with the same color. Disable the new "Flood Fill" to use it.


26 Apr, 2018

  • C3 runtime: support for User Media plugin (camera and microphone input only)
  • C3 runtime: new Game Recorder plugin
  • C3 runtime: new Speech Synthesis plugin
  • C3 runtime: new Speech Recognition plugin


23 Apr, 2018

  • Improved clipboard support: in Chrome 66+ you should no longer see "copy failed" dialogs. Instead you may see a one-off permission prompt.
  • NW.js plugin: ProjectFilesFolder and ProjectFilesFolderURL expressions, which point at the same folder as index.html is in
  • NW.js plugin: 'Shell open' action (open a file with the OS default app)
  • C3 runtime: support for Geolocation plugin


16 Apr, 2018

  • Layout View: if only one instance is selected, 'Enter' shortcut now does the same thing as double-click
  • Event Sheet View: 'E', 'G' and 'Q' shortcuts now work with no selection
  • Event Sheet View: arrow key shortcuts now select first event if nothing selected
  • Animations Editor: Visual feedback for the current cursor position for tools which don't already have one (e.g. rectangle select tool)
  • Animations Editor: "Smooth" toggle for the resize tool. Turning it off can help when working with pixel art.


26 Mar, 2018

  • Settings dialog: new setting to show in-progress languages


20 Mar, 2018

  • Layout view: warn when dropping instances in to a locked or hidden layer
  • Instant Games: support for showing interstitial and rewarded video ads
  • Instant Games: 'Create home screen shortcut' action (Android only)


16 Mar, 2018

  • Animations Editor: Keyboard shortcut to delete the current image point using the "delete" key


27 Feb, 2018


26 Feb, 2018

  • Settings dialog: can now opt-in to be notified about new beta releases
  • Google Play plugin: now supported in Android apps
  • Dictionary editor: context menu items for addition and removal of rows
  • Project bar: folder context menus to expand/collapse all
  • Desktop build: Ctrl+W shortcut to close current tab
  • Event sheet view: + and - shortcuts to insert event above or below


19 Feb, 2018

  • The title and About dialog now indicate if you are using a beta release
  • Dictionary: 'GetDefault' expression (get a key or return custom value if missing)


6 Feb, 2018

  • Desktop build: can now automatically open .c3p or .c3proj files by double-click, if manually associated with the app


22 Jan, 2018

  • Animations Editor: now erases with any drawing tool when the alpha channel is 0
  • Animations Editor: fill and border toggles in the rectangle & ellipse tools
  • Addon Manager: can now multi-select .c3addon files to install
  • Audio: PlaybackRate expression


17 Jan, 2018

  • Can now drag and drop instances from Layout View to Layers Bar to move them to a different layer