Construct 3

New Additions

Below is a comprehensive list of all New Additions in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, Bug Fixes, Changes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


23 Nov, 2017

  • Expression for transaction information in the Mobile IAP plugin
  • Construct may suggest contributing to an in-progress translation based on your browser language settings


20 Nov, 2017

  • Project bar: object types can now be added to a family via context menu and drag and drop


14 Nov, 2017

  • Incomplete pt-BR translation is now available in developer mode
  • New 'Default save location' setting
  • Animations editor: open respecting the "Initial Animations" and "Initial Frame" properties


7 Nov, 2017

  • PubCenter: support for banner interstitials


6 Nov, 2017

  • Can now multi-select behaviors in the 'Add behavior' dialog
  • 'Don't ask again' checkbox when prompted to install bundled addons when opening a project
  • Xbox Live: 'On local user added' trigger
  • Can now undo changes to global layer setting


31 Oct, 2017

  • Allow specification of URL whitelists for Android and iOS builds


17 Oct, 2017

  • Can now use subfolders in cloud save/browser storage
  • Better dialog when reaching a free edition limit
  • Win10 export: now includes all images at scale 200


12 Oct, 2017

  • Free edition: footer in event sheet view notifying how many events are remaining


10 Oct, 2017

  • HTML5 exports: now include tags to enable support for 'Add to home screen' on iOS
  • Android/iOS exports: can now choose Android 8.0+ (Oreo) and iOS 11+ as minimum versions


5 Oct, 2017

  • Can now specify the location and the interval for project autosave
  • Account info dialog: link to 'Your licenses'


21 Sep, 2017

  • Layout view: can now lock individual instances to make them unselectable
  • Added context menu to text editor


19 Sep, 2017

  • Parameters dialog: bracket pairs are now highlighted


18 Sep, 2017

  • Xbox Live: new 'Social group' parameter to 'Get leaderboard' (Global, Favorites or People)
  • Most of the debugger is now translatable
  • Default description and type annotation for global, local and instance variables in the Expressions Dictionary


12 Sep, 2017

  • Xbox Live: support for statistics and leaderboards
  • Array editor: can now edit 3D arrays


5 Sep, 2017

  • 'Go to function' menu option for 'Call function' actions
  • 'Find all references' for functions
  • 'Find all references' for layers
  • 'Find all references' for event groups
  • Parameters dialog: instance variable dropdowns now include the variable type, and are grouped by family
  • Option to drag and drop a zip file containing a TMX file and corresponding tileset image into the Tilemap Bar