How to Learn Construct 3? Next Steps for Beginners

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The Families example is pretty self-explanatory.

Take the time to read the explanation in the layout and check out the event sheet.

As indicated, families can be used to reduce the number of events required.

Families can have their own “instance variables”, although in that case they are named “Family instance variables” and are handled when you click the family in the project bar.

For the sake of testing, select the family Enemies in the project bar.

In the properties bar, add a family instance variable test.

Now, in the project bar, go and select the object type BugEnemy.

Notice in its instance variables category it now contains a variable “test [Enemies]”.

The name in between the brackets indicates it is a family instance variable of the Enemies family.

It also means that to edit the properties of this variable, you need to select the family, not the object type(s) contained within the family.

If you click to edit the instance variables of BugEnemy, it contains none.

In the same vein as family instance variables, you can have family behaviors that are common to all the object types members of the family and can only be added and edited when selecting the family in the project bar.

And that's a quick, first look at families, another of the highly useful tools provided by Construct.

The rest of the examples cover specific game mechanics that you might want to have a look at.

Depending on the elements your game might require you may want to check some examples of easy implementation to start with.

It can also be a valuable learning experience to go through some of those out of sheer curiosity, just to know what is in your toolbox.


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