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Physics Puzzle

The Physics Puzzle template makes use of the Physics behavior.

To learn more about Physics, be sure to check the manual article and read at least the Physics in Construct: The Basics tutorial linked there.

Physics are a complex feature and going back to its documentation on a regular basis as you are gaining experience and understanding of it will be valuable and make understanding the whole thing even easier. It will also then make sense for you to read Physics in Construct: Forces, impulses, torque and joints.

Despite Physics being complex, the Physics Puzzle template is still a valuable template for a beginner as it implements physics in a simple way.

This template displays the usage and implementation of a winning condition. This is the first template we see so far that does this. Have the pig resting on the green blocks all while having destroyed all the crates.

The Pig, Box1 and Ground objects are all using the Physics behavior.

Ground is set to be Immovable, all the other instances will have Physics having them move around.

If the Ground was not set to be Immovable, it would fall down like all the other objects and you wouldn't be able to play the game.

The player can click (thanks to the Touch plugin input) on a Box1 to delete it, modifying the Physics model and having the objects interacting with the others in reaction.

The losing condition happens when the Pig goes out of the screen.

When either the losing or winning condition is met, the game restarts after 2 seconds.

With those notions in mind, you could also take a look at the Physics catapult template.

It relies on a lot of similarities in principles, based on the Physics behavior as well.

I would consider that one a more advanced template though, in the sense, the Pig, this time, will be used as a projectile you will apply an impulse to when releasing it from the catapult.

As indicated earlier, impulse are explained in the Physics in Construct: Forces, impulses, torque and joints tutorial.

Reading and understanding this tutorial before tackling this template is a must.


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