How to Learn Construct 3? Next Steps for Beginners

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You may already have an idea for a type of game you would like to make.

Construct comes with ready-made templates you can build upon and make your game out of.

All templates are heavily commented, explaining clearly how they are done which can allow you to pick a feature and implement in your own project.

Let’s have a look at the most appropriate templates for beginners:

  • Platformer
  • Flapping bird
  • Endless Runner
  • Flying along
  • Infinite jumping
  • Driving
  • Physics puzzle
  • Physics catapult
  • Tile-Based game
  • Vertical space shooter
  • Turret defense
  • Top-down shooter

Most of those templates make heavy use of existing behaviors and speed up the process of making a type of game that relies on those.

We will check which behaviors are used in each template in order to build a base of knowledge about what is available in your game-making toolbox.


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