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  • Construct 3
    $99 USD per year
    Equivalent to only $8.26 per month
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Are you a business?

If you're registered as a business, or are buying for a business organisation of any size & type you are strictly prohibited from buying Personal licenses.

See our Business licenses

    • Free Edition
    • Personal Edition
    • Maximum Events

      Get ambitious. Make unique games that stand out from the crowd.

    • 25
    • Unlimited
    • Maximum Layers

      Add more depth and visuals into your games.

    • 2
    • Unlimited
    • Special Effects

      Don't just create games, create gorgeous games.

    • 2
    • Unlimited
    • Create Multiplayer Games

      Make multiplayer games with our tools and services

    • Custom Loading Screens

      Remove Construct branding and create your own branded professional loading bars.

    • Monetisation
    • Make Money From Your Games

      Generate income by selling and monetising your games

    • Royaly Free

      Keep every penny you make from your games! Unlike other engines, we take no royalties from your hard work.

    • Advertising

      Quickly and easily add advertisments from ad networks into your games and generate profit

    • In-App Purchases (IAP)

      Create new revenue streams by adding purchasable items in your games.

    • Publishing
    • Build Android Apps

      In a few easy clicks convert your game to an Android APK file with our build service

    • Publish to iOS

      Publish your game to iPhones and iPads

    • Publish to Xbox One

      Get your game in front of millions of XBox players!

    • Publish Everywhere

      Publish to the web, Windows, Macs, Linux, Windows Store and more!

    • Look and Feel
    • Dark Theme

      Get access to our dark-themed editor and load other user generated themes.

    • Advanced Features
    • Web Fonts

      Add beautiful and stylish fonts into your games

    • 1
    • Unlimited
    • Remote Preview

      Quickly preview changes to your game on all your devices and with your friends!

    • Performance Profiler

      Improve the user experience of your games by optimising resource heavy parts of your games

    • Advanced Debug Features

      Watch individual variables in the debugger and add breakpoints on individual events.

    • Subfolders

      Better organise your games

    • Z Order Bar

      Easily adjust which objects appear in front or behind others

    • Bookmarks Bar

      Save bookmarks to navigate and make changes to your game faster

    • Search Events

      Speed up updating your game with our powerful event search.

    • Find All References

      Instantly see a list of everywhere something is used in your game.

    • Families

      Optimise your game building by avoiding repeating events

    • Array Editor

      Use a spreadsheet like editor to create data for the array object.

    • Dictionary Editor

      Use this editor to easily create data tables.

    • Text Editor

      Use our built in editor with syntax highlighting.

    • Bundled Addons

      Save third party addons with your project to open anywhere.

    • Onion Skinning

      Display next and previous animation frames translucently.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I upgrade to a Business plan at a later date?

    Yes! If you become successful and create a business, contact us to arrange transfer onto a business plan.

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    Can I share my license between team members?

    Personal licenses are for one named individual only. If a team member wishes to work with you, they'll need their own Personal license.

    Alternatively you can purchase Business licenses which have more flexible seat management.

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    Can I cancel my plan at any time?

    Yes, of course. You can cancel your license whenever you want and you'll continue to have full access for the period you've paid for.

Am I allowed to make money from my games with a Personal license?

Yes! Build, publish and sell your games online. Generate as much income as you're able! We take no royalties from you.

If you decide to register as a business you'll simply need to upgrade to a Business license.

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  • Construct 3
    $99 USD per year
    Equivalent to only $8.26 per month
Accepted payment methods