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Driving is allowing you to drive a car, in a closed track.

In this template, there are no winning or losing conditions.

The Car object is using the Car behavior that allows to control the car and apply a car-like movement to it.

This behavior will also interact with the Solid behavior of the Barrier instances. When colliding with a Barrier, the Car will bounce back in an arcade way.

The Car object also contains the ScrollTo behavior which purpose is to always keep the view on the current object, acting as a kind of camera that is going to follow the object in the layout and modify the ScrollX and ScrollY properties automatically to do so.

Like the Platform behavior, the Car behavior contains a “Default controls” property.

For this template, it is activated and that’s what allows the player to press the arrow keys to control the car.

If you are looking for an actual racing game template that implements laps, computer-controlled cars, and real-time rankings look into the Race Track template.

Beware though, despite being fully commented, this template is rather aimed at intermediate to advanced users (some of the features are much more advanced than adding a plugin and a behavior to a project).

It is still possible to go through it, understand it and use it, but it might be more difficult if you are still a complete beginner.

Another template exists named Car Lanes. It is simpler than Race Track but still is an intermediate template in its own right.


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