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Vertical space shooter

The Vertical space shooter template is based on the intermediate example Space Blaster.

The player controls the Player object by touching the screen.

The Player will “move” to the touched position as long as the player is keeping touching the screen.

This input of the player is handled by the Touch plugin.

Player has the BoundToLayout behavior, which prevents the object from going outside of the limits of the layout, and, in the current setting, always be visible on the screen.

Enemy ships are spawned at the top of the screen and thanks to their Bullet behavior will go down to the bottom of the screen.

Player will shoot automatically, spawning Bullet instances on a regular time, as long as an Enemy is “alive” and present at a certain range. This is handled in event 4.

A random Enemy will shoot an EnemyBullet every 1 second.

The Bullet and EnemyBullet objects both contain the Bullet behavior.

A randomised star field is used as background and scrolling.

This is simply done by creating 50 stars at different sizes, positions and speed and having them moving down to the bottom of the screen.

The Star object has the Bullet behavior but also the Wrap behavior that will make it so that when a Star object disappears at the bottom of the screen, it automatically reappears at the top of it.

The creation of the star field is handled in event 10 "On start of layout".

The condition "Repeat" is what is called a loop. In this case, the first condition, "On start of layout", only happens once. But the second condition means the actions will be repeated 50 times, in this current tick of execution.

This template does not have any winning or losing conditions.


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