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Flying along

Flying along has similarities with Flapping Bird and Endless Runner.

The player controls a pig (Player object) that is “flying” in between two edges of an infinite cave.

The further the pig goes without touching the edges (Block object) or obstacles (Car object) the more points are earned.

The user controls the Player object by touching (and keeping touching) the screen or pressing the space key down and releasing.

Touch and Keyboard plugins are used to handle these inputs.

The longer the player touches the screen (or press down Space), the higher the Player object will go and after a while (when the player is not touching the screen any longer or has released Space) it starts going down as well.

The Player object has the Custom Movement behavior to achieve this movement.

The Custom Movement behavior allows the user to program and make a custom movement adapted to their project using events.

Instead of a set of specific actions, the Custom Movement behavior will allow the user to determine the angle of motion and give various actions to the user so they can customize the movement to their need.

The Player object also has the Sine behavior that handles the angle of the object, automatically adding some “rocking” back and forth angle to the object.

The template displays a horizontal infinite scrolling, based on the usage of the Bullet behavior in a very similar way to Endless Runner

The death condition occurs when the Player object collides with either the Block or Car objects.

This resets the score and puts the game back to the start.


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