Construct 3


Below is a comprehensive list of all Changes in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, New Additions, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


28 Nov, 2017

  • Android export now generates versionCode using up to 4 version numbers values in the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.BUILD (previously only used 3)


23 Nov, 2017

  • Text Editor on macOS now uses Cmd instead of Ctrl for shortcuts
  • More refactoring for maintainability and reliability


20 Nov, 2017

  • Internal refactoring for code maintainability and long-term reliability
  • Settings dialog: moved some extra settings to 'User interface' section and renamed 'General' section to 'Advanced'
  • Event sheet include dialog: now focuses search field, like it did in C2
  • Updated incomplete translations for de-DE, es-ES, pt-BR, ru-RU


14 Nov, 2017

  • Removed beta warning popup on startup
  • Reorganised the Settings dialog with a clearer layout
  • Parameters dialog: labels don't get wider than their maximum text width
  • Animations editor: improve accessibility on some dialogs
  • Mobile Advert: "Set Public Key" has been renamed to "Set application ID"


6 Nov, 2017

  • Remote Preview dialog: connected clients are now shown beneath the QR code, so the QR code does not move as clients connect
  • Changed back/forward keyboard shortcuts from Alt+Left/right to Alt+Shift+Left/right to avoid conflicting with macOS shortcuts


31 Oct, 2017

  • Deprecated old Admob plugin in favor of new Mobile Advert plugin
  • Edge: fixed popup preview mode, and made it the default in Edge
  • Event sheet view: touch input on desktop devices no longer drag/drops events
  • Animations Editor: paste the current selection of the rectangle select tool when the current frame, animation or tool is changed
  • File dialog persists column sizes across sessions


17 Oct, 2017

  • Settings dialog: grouped some settings under a new 'Backup' header


10 Oct, 2017

  • Event variable names are now allowed to start with a number, as they were in C2 (also fixes possible crash using name starting with a number)
  • Audio: now better at detecting if audio can autoplay without waiting for next user input
  • Cordova iOS: removed use of HTTP server for video playback workaround


5 Oct, 2017

  • Video: no longer uses "floating video element" hack on iOS, so other objects can now be displayed on top of videos on iOS
  • Video: now better at detecting if video can autoplay without waiting until the next touch


12 Sep, 2017

  • Can now change the size of rows / columns in the data editor
  • Text editor undo now part of the main undo list


5 Sep, 2017

  • Preview now focuses the existing preview window when previewing again
  • Pressing F5 in the preview window now updates the preview with the latest version of the project
  • AdMob plugin: updated Cordova plugin reference
  • The language setting now defaults to the browser language (currently only French is available)


1 Sep, 2017

  • Parameters dialog: parameter tips now display translated expression name


25 Aug, 2017

  • Update help links in the editor to point to the manual
  • Moved text labels in data editor to be more consistent


24 Aug, 2017

  • For consistency with C3 terminology, deprecated the OriginalWindowWidth and OriginalWindowHeight expressions, and replaced them with OriginalViewportWidth and OriginalViewportHeight
  • Make "stretch" the default option when resizing images
  • Download tilemaps to a single ZIP file containing the TMX and corresponding image files


15 Aug, 2017

  • Deprecated old IAP plugin
  • Moved debug button from main toolbar to the preview button dropdown