Construct 3


Below is a comprehensive list of all Changes in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, New Additions, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


19 Feb, 2018

  • Improved error message if trying to open a project saved in a newer version of C3. This will only take effect from this version onwards.
  • Physics: improved handling of changing object size


12 Feb, 2018

  • Cloud save: improve entries paging behaviour for Dropbox


7 Feb, 2018

  • (no changes since r84)


6 Feb, 2018

  • Allow custom user agent stylesheets to override text color


30 Jan, 2018

  • Facebook plugin: updated to SDK v2.11


25 Jan, 2018

  • Updated Dark theme to resolve some issues


24 Jan, 2018

  • Updates for the Global Game Jam 2018


15 Jan, 2018

  • New editor text wrapping engine
  • Physics: updated Box2D to a recent build of v2.3.1
  • Constant event variables are no longer forced uppercase
  • Facebook plugin: remove name, caption, description and parameters from 'Prompt to share' actions since they were removed from the Facebook API
  • Event Sheet View: when searching for an object, matches beginning with the search term are shown first
  • Saved JSON files are now beautified by default, which makes it easier to use them with source control
  • Animations editor: remove toolbar from image points pane


11 Jan, 2018

  • Tilemap bar: show the mirror and flip status with the state of the buttons themselves instead of text


8 Jan, 2018

  • Typo in Mobile Advert plugin: label for rewarded video was same as interstitial


3 Jan, 2018

  • Improved text rendering quality in Layout View


18 Dec, 2017

  • Event Sheet View: now restores column sizes after resizing small then large again


11 Dec, 2017

  • Language files are now cached on-demand, to reduce the initial download size of C3 (previously all languages were downloaded)
  • Updated light theme to fix some issues
  • Updated localforage (storage library) to better support long sessions


28 Nov, 2017

  • Android export now generates versionCode using up to 4 version numbers values in the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.BUILD (previously only used 3)


23 Nov, 2017

  • Text Editor on macOS now uses Cmd instead of Ctrl for shortcuts
  • More refactoring for maintainability and reliability