Construct 3


Below is a comprehensive list of all Changes in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, New Additions, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


15 May, 2018

  • Replaced 'Add to home screen' start page tip with a 'Install as app' main menu item
  • Allow gamepad connection events to unmute audio, if the browser allows


8 May, 2018

  • Instant Games: update to SDK v6.2


30 Apr, 2018

  • (no changes since r97)


26 Apr, 2018

  • Google Play: renamed property "Game ID" to "Application ID (android)"
  • Updated the Cordova plugin versions for Google Play, Mobile IAP and Mobile Ad to latest versions
  • Loading timeout extended in Cordova exports


16 Apr, 2018

  • Adjusted object type naming scheme so cloning "Sprite_1" uses "Sprite_2" instead of "Sprite_"
  • Audio: update to handle new audio autoplay restrictions in Chrome 66


26 Mar, 2018

  • Event Sheet View: ensure reasonable column sizes on mobile


20 Mar, 2018

  • Instant Games: update to SDK v6.1


12 Mar, 2018

  • Android export: now targets API level 26 (Android 8.0 Oreo) since this will be required later this year.
  • Parameters dialog: rewritten expression selection handling to improve behavior and work around bugs
  • NW.js export: adjusted options to work around issue causing WebGL to become disabled in NW.js 0.29.0
  • Layout view: dropping in an instance when all prior instances were deleted now defaults to previous instance's properties


7 Mar, 2018

  • (no changes since r88.3)


5 Mar, 2018

  • Improved error message in case invalid version used when exporting for Cordova
  • Improved layout of the Cordova options dialog


19 Feb, 2018

  • Improved error message if trying to open a project saved in a newer version of C3. This will only take effect from this version onwards.
  • Physics: improved handling of changing object size


12 Feb, 2018

  • Cloud save: improve entries paging behaviour for Dropbox


7 Feb, 2018

  • (no changes since r84)


6 Feb, 2018

  • Allow custom user agent stylesheets to override text color


30 Jan, 2018

  • Facebook plugin: updated to SDK v2.11