Construct 3


Below is a comprehensive list of all Changes in Construct 3. You can also see lists of New Features, New Additions, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, SDK updates and Language updates


21 Aug, 2018

  • Mobile advert: now enabled testing for the current device instead of loading test unit IDs


13 Aug, 2018

  • Support replacing project image files outside of Construct. This slightly slows down loading projects, but is necessary to avoid corrupting projects for users who do this.


7 Aug, 2018

  • Long expressions without spaces in will now break if there is not enough horizontal space
  • Platform information dialog: show 'Copy' button on mobile
  • Android exports could unnecessarily include cordova-plugin-status


25 Jul, 2018

  • Disabled WebGL 2 on Android in C2 runtime


23 Jul, 2018

  • Android: disabled WebGL 2 for the time being due to reports of what appear to be GPU driver bugs. Android devices can still use WebGL 1.
  • Removed storyboard-splash.png as default image (can optionally be added to customise)


17 Jul, 2018

  • Physics: fixed misleading descriptions of force/impulse image point parameters
  • Firefox: enabled UI animations for Firefox 63+ (currently Nightly), since the relevant Firefox bug was fixed
  • Windows Store app: use dialog preview mode only, since a Store bug prevents popup mode from working


2 Jul, 2018

  • Desktop: remember last used paths individually for each kind of file/folder picker
  • Sine behavior: renamed "active" to "enabled" for consistency with other behaviors
  • Mouse/Touch: no longer counts as clicking/touching an object if it's off the canvas


26 Jun, 2018

  • Updated export script minifier to latest version
  • When saving an autosaved file you can now optionally overwrite the original file instead
  • Recent projects now has an entry for each location a project is saved in, instead of one for the last place a project was saved


19 Jun, 2018

  • Autosave is now a bit smarter, and will only save if something has changed since the last autosave.
  • Autosave will now save all open projects, not just the active one.


6 Jun, 2018

  • (no changes since r103)


4 Jun, 2018

  • Text editor: Ctrl-F didn't highlight the search box


30 May, 2018

  • Mobile Advert: now requires that application ID, publisher ID and privacy policy URL are specified
  • Mobile Advert: now includes a user consent dialog on startup to conform with GDPR (Android only at the moment, we're working on iOS)
  • Platform: better handle walls moving horizontally in to the player


15 May, 2018

  • Replaced 'Add to home screen' start page tip with a 'Install as app' main menu item
  • Allow gamepad connection events to unmute audio, if the browser allows


8 May, 2018

  • Instant Games: update to SDK v6.2


30 Apr, 2018

  • (no changes since r97)