With MM_Unloader you can release unused textures from memory at any time during gameplay.

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With MM_Unloader you can release unused textures from memory at any time during gameplay.

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  • 1.2.0.

    Released: 16 Apr, 2021

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  • 1.2.0.

    Released: 13 Apr, 2021

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What you buy here?

- MM_Unloader plugin for Construct 2

Why do you need it?

Construct 2 keeps textures of Sprites/SpriteFonts/etc. in memory even after all the instances got destroyed. This is in case you would want to create this object again.

So even if the object will not be created any more on this layout, it resides in memory. This is OK for most projects, however there are certain projects/cases where you would like to clean up the RAM before the layout transition like open world games, single layout games, multi-sprite-background setup optimized with Paster plugin, etc. You can also just want to release the memory for other apps on the device in case of low RAM availability (on mobile for instance). There are probably hundreds of other reasons you would want to do it that we currently can't think of. After all - now it's possible with MM_Unloader.


- Unload textures at any time you want,

- Clean up action - release all unused textures of all objects,

- Unload object - release texture of a particular object,

- Hard destroy - destroy all instances and unload texture of a specified object.


This plugin is NOT a dangerous or unstable hack. It's fully compatible with C2 engine runtime and uses exactly the same techniques as native clean-up during layout transition. It's absolutely safe to use.

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3 years ago

A very useful tool

I've recently purchased MM_Unloader for C2. It works very well and is superbly easy to use. I recommend it for any large project.

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    16 Apr, 2021
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