Ultimate Inventory System

Global plugin that allow for relatively easy and efficient implementation of an in-game inventory system

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Global plugin that allow for relatively easy and efficient implementation of an in-game inventory system

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Ultimate Inventory System

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    Released: 15 Mar, 2022

    Replaced example projects for C3 with updated projects featuring native C3 Functions along with minor tweaks and improvements of some examples


    Released: 18 Nov, 2021

    Fixed a bug allowing to place an item in a forbidden slot, by swapping it with other item already occupying that slot


    Released: 17 Sep, 2021

    Fixed a bug causing an error when trying to "Show" an inventory that was not hidden before layout transition


    Released: 10 Sep, 2021

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What do you buy here?

Ultimate Inventory System plugin for Construct 2 and Construct 3.

What is the Ultimate Inventory System?

It’s a global plugin consisting of multiple Actions, Conditions and Expressions that allow for relatively easy and efficient implementation of an in-game inventory system with one-slotted items - both visual and data aspects. Note that it covers not only inventories itself, but the items too.

With UIS you can have multiple different bags and containers and plenty of items you define. Thanks to the plugin you will easily add, remove and move items between inventories available in your game - loot bags, treasure chests, player’s backpacks, hidden stashes, crate boxes, crafting panels, quickbars, equipment - all up to you.

With UIS you will easily feature most popular solutions such as:

  • Item dragging and dropping (and inventories too!)
  • Instant moving between inventories,
  • “Take all” action,
  • Weight,
  • Stackable and non-stackable items,
  • Item stack splitting,
  • Slots restricted to a certain type or types of items,
  • Sorting by custom parameters,
  • and more.

Why should you use it?

If you ever attempted to create an inventory system in Construct then you probably don’t need an answer to that question ;-).

Speaking frankly - inventories in games are very popular, but coding it is a complex task that requires lots of time and effort. The Ultimate Inventory System is a ready to go logic with lots of native features requiring minimum coding.

Nevertheless, it’s a flexible tool with wide capabilities. It is suitable for both simple inventories and more complex systems.

Thanks to UIS you can focus on designing your gameplay rather than trying to figure out a code working “behind the stage”.

How do you use it?

To learn how to use it, please check out the tutorial video.

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FujiM on previous version
3 years ago

Best inventory plugin

thanks for the best construct inventory plugin, very user-friendly for beginers.

And also thanks Borys for helping to solve the problems with the plugin

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    15 Mar, 2022
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