Construct Asset Store FAQ

Frequently asked questions in the Asset Store.

Buying Assets FAQ

If I buy an asset, where can I use it?

Assets you purchase must be used in derivative works as specified in our licensing terms. Please refer to this page for specifics on restrictions.

You are never allowed to distribute purchased assets as parts of templates, or resell them in any form.

What is an exclusive price?

If an item is listed with an exclusive price, it means:

  • This item is not being sold anywhere else online
  • If you buy it, you'll be permitted to use it in unlimited projects
  • After buying an exclusive item, this item will be permanently delisted from our store and the seller agrees to never sell it again

Please note, when you buy at an exclusive price there may be other customers who have bought more restrictive licenses up to that point who will not have their purchase affected.

How do redeem codes work?

When you purchase an item from the Construct Asset Store, you're given a redeem code.

You have two options with a redeem code, you can either claim it for yourself which will allow you to download the asset from your account, or you can send the code to a friend as a gift. They can then enter the redeem code on our site and will then be able to download the asset from their account.

I got a small unexpected charge on my card

Sometimes banks and payment processors may add a small charge on for cross border transactions. If you see one of these charges on your card, please contact your card provided for more information on the charge.

Please note, charges like this are rare and we have no control over them. The amount we charge and collect from your card is what is displayed at checkout.

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our refund policy which is fairly short and explains our refund policy in detail.

Selling Assets FAQ

Why do I have to pay to open a seller account?

Before you can sell assets in our asset store, you need to pay a small fee. This fee serves a few purposes:

  • Stops the store being flooded with low quality submissions
  • Prevents multiple fake seller accounts
  • Provides more accountability and identifiability for uploaded assets

We do work hard to keep the store full of genuine and high quality assets and this fee helps with this.

This fee only needs to be paid once, and is non-refundable as specified in our refund policy.

How much cut does Scirra take?

We take a 30% cut from each sale of assets sold in this store, rounded up to the smallest cent or penny. This is calculated after VAT is deducted. Examples of how this fee is calculated:

  • Your asset sells for £9.99 with £0.00 VAT. We would deduct £3 as our fee for the sale.
  • Your asset sells for £9.99 with £1.99 VAT. We would deduct £3 as our fee for the sale.

How is my profit for an item calculated?

If you list your item for $9.99, and the customer is required to pay VAT on the item, the VAT is added to the items price. Your cut from the resulting sale is calculated as:

Sold Price - VAT - Scirra Cut - Processor Fee Share

A processor fee is a fee charged by our payment processors to facilitate payments. If there are items from other sellers in the payment, this processor fee is split proportionality amongst all items sold in the payment based on the value of the item rounded up to the nearest cent or penny.

For example, if your asset costs $10 and the buyer also purchased other assets from other sellers making the total payment amount $50, and the processor fee was $2, $0.40 would be deducted as your share of the processor fee for this payment item (20% of the $50 payment).

What's an annual promotional giveaway?

On occasion Scirra may wish to offer assets as prizes or giveaways. If you're happy for your item to be included in these giveaways then you can specify how many single project licenses you permit Scirra to give away on an annual basis.

What's a site sale?

A site sale is a sale organized by Scirra, with the goal of attracting more traffic by offering multiple items on sale simultaneously.

If you wish your items to be included in these sales, make sure to enter the maximum discount you're willing to offer in the items settings. The higher discount you can offer, the more likely your item is to be featured or highlighted in the site sales.

How can I cashout my balance?

You can cashout either to your bank account with Stripe, or by Paypal. These are the only two options we offer - if you cannot cashout with these methods then you should not create a seller account.

For Stripe, you must have residence or have a business based in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is not possible to cashout this way in other countries due to cross border money transfer restrictions imposed on us by Stripe.