Globals 2.0

Globals 2.0 stores and group variables. You can also load and save data (variables) from/to JSON files.

Globals 2.0 stores and group variables. You can also load and save data (variables) from/to JSON files.

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  • 2.0.0.

    Released: 7 Jun, 2021

    Contact info in the ReadMe file updated

  • 2.0.0.

    Released: 29 Apr, 2021

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What do you buy here?

Globals 2.0 plugin for Construct 2 and Construct 3

What is Globals 2.0?

This is a very simple plugin that is designed to store and group variables for more efficient development, making things clean and ordered.

Why should you use it?

In large projects you often need to use plenty of variables and it is quite common that you need to access them globally. But when it comes to Global variables, they come up altogether in a single list along with Local variables, making it much inconvenient to find and select the one you need to use.

In this case, Globals works like a group or pack of variables. Therefore, when looking for a specific variable, first you select the Globals object (in other words - a “group”) and then search for a variable from a much shorter list of items. This makes things simply easier.

How do you use it?

You just add the Globals object to your project and name it as you please.

Then you add to it as many variables as needed, same as you add instance variables for other objects.

If you wish to have your variables sorted in groups, you simply add more “Globals” objects and give them desired variables according to your concept.

Once the variables are set, you can simply operate them using common actions in Event Sheets: compare, set, add, subtract etc. Select the Globals object that stores it, choose respective action and then select the desired item from a top-down list of variables stored by respective Globals (without needing to browse a huge list of items available in your entire project).

If you need to use the variable, e.g. in your formula, just type the Globals name, put dot and type the name of the variable - same as you would refer to an instance variable. Simple as that.

Moreover, with Globals 2.0 you can easily save variables to JSON using dedicated expresion, as well as load variables with a featured action.

What’s the point if you can use other objects?

First of all - Globals plugin have extra dedicated features. To be more specific - you can save variables to JSON files, as well as load them.

But if you don’t need it at all - then yes, you can use other Construct plugins instead. But they also have other properties, actions and expressions, so in result when searching for a specific item, it is simply less convenient. It’s just a matter of work comfort.

Is it the same as the free Globals plugin that can be found over the Internet?

No. Unlike Globals 2.0, the free Globals plugin can’t load and save data (variables) from/to JSON file.

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Vikingvikingviking on previous version 2.0.0.
3 years ago

Great plugin!

This plugin really made a difference when working with variables. A lot easier maintaining Construct projects. Recommend it!

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    7 Jun, 2021
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