The Next Penelope (2D F-Zero / Ulysses 31)

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  • Hi everyone!

    So, this is the game I'm making with C2 for a few months : )

    As my English is terrible, a friend of mine did the voice over for the first video devlog here:

    You can find more info (and GIFs!) on the official website here:

    Also, screenshots!

  • This looks great! Well done.

  • Looking really nice! Didn't expect racer at first (Missed that 2D F-Zero ). Really quite unique.

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  • Looks great

  • Looks beautiful, I really did the style. Will we get a playable demo soon? hehe

  • Everything about this game looks amazing.

    Ulysses 31 was my favourite cartoon growing up, i feel sorry for the kids of today who don't have anything like these classics to watch.

  • Wow looks wonderful! Good luck with the game!

  • Thanks for your kind words!

    To answer about the playable demo:

    I'm busy to digest all the feedback / stats now, but I'll run another alpha playtest in two weeks. I'll post about it here : )

  • Wow, I really missed an opportunity there not asking on twitter to be part of that beta test !

    The game looks gorgeous and I also grew up with Ulysse 31's universe so there is a nostalgia impact as well (plus I understood the ingame text in the video )

    And I love racing game as well, more than f-zero, it reminds me of Death Rally with futuristic ships and teleport. I'm personally more into cars than sci-fi ships, but as long as I get good sensations and control, I don't mind.

    Really great work so far that will shut up some nay sayers about C2 ("hu you can only make small games with C2")

    Heck look at that gorgeous video/trailer and stop blaming the software. It takes talent and you sir definitely have a lot !

  • (plus I understood the ingame text in the video )

    How can your french-English be so smooth, I definitely should have paid attention in school I guess, instead of drawing weird things all the time.

    will shut up some nay sayers about C2 ("hu you can only make small games with C2")

    Heck look at that gorgeous video/trailer and stop blaming the software.

    C2 is the most brilliant and intuitive tool I ever used. And the more important: the main focus is on how easy/quick it has to be for everyday usage. You know how much I love it.

    I've not redone my game from GM to C2 for nothing : )

    I even started to learn Playmaker for Unity because I was afraid of the lack of C2 Steam support. Very, very nice tool too.

    Then I came back to C2, I like it too much.

  • It's not so much the school learning than the practice for years over the internet and watching movies in original versions that helped along. Plus a "born-given skill" for languages in general that makes it a bit easier to learn and practice.

    To be fair when I was focusing on the French written text I wasn't paying attention to the voice over.

    Also I watched both the English and French version of the devlog so that made it easier to get all of it

    And, tbh, I'm jealous of your drawing skills (the title screen is gorgeous)

    I was drawing weird stuff as well in class but drawn art is definitely not my forte and something I have to struggle with in game making. I get by with developer art and I know I should be practising it a lot more to improve but I'm getting "lazy" on it, don't grant it the required time.

  • This looks absolutely fabulous and tip my hat to you!

    I hope your game does great and definitely gives us other C2 developers some excitement on what can be made in here.

  • This looks amazing

    shows what can be done with construct 2

  • This game is gorgeous! It really shows how far C2 can visually go. And it's encouraging!

    Great work Aurel!

  • Beautiful game. I love F-zero. I hope your game makes you lots of money. Oh and please write a tutorial on how you get such amazing performance with such an animated game.

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