The Next Penelope (2D F-Zero / Ulysses 31)

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  • Back from Germany! That Gamescom was crazy, fun, exhausting, and lovely at the same time.

    So much super kind and helpful devs met on the IndieMegaBooth... : )

    About the ports:

    • You already know WiiU is officially supported by C2 : )

    (I got a Penelope version running without webGL, where some shaders effects are replaced by other nice ones, so it should be OK)

    Also, another studio (used to wiiU subs) will help me when the submission time will come.

    • I can't say much on the XboxOne port. I met Chris Carla (director of ID@Xbox) at Gamescom, and I'm trying to push things on this side.

    Please do not ask details to me or Ashley, nor hope too much, nothing is done yet, and I'm only TRYING to make things move forward.

    • Sony ports are nearly impossible, as HTML5 is very poorly supported by Vita and PS4 for now.

    What does it mean for Penelope?

    • Most of the greatest porting studios like Curve or Dotemu had a look at the problem, and they tag the port as "super, super hard".

    I would need to find A LOT of money to hire another studio, so they can rewrite everything using C, Gamemaker, Unity or anything else more Sony compliant.

    >>> no money for now, so, on hold.

    OR I would need to find some very crazy friends, with a hacking background, ready to try fancy experiences. Like using a tool called "Jurassic" to convert javascript to C#, then import it to the PS tools. That seems pretty complicated and hazardous to me, but they'll give it a try in a few weeks. From this, they will decide if they're ok to do the port on a revenue sharing basis.

    So, there is a bit of hope. But not that much. But still, a bit of hope : )

  • Would love to see it on all that consoles man!

  • Your game looks amazing!

    Really interesting info on the ports. Thanks for sharing. Hope you manage to find a reasonable solution. Please keep us updated how it goes :)

  • Aurel - I have watch the videos of your game, I can't wait for the game.

    But I have 2 questions:

    • Do you make a playable demo with limited missions?
    • Can you implement some graphics control in the game, something like an option to disable effects and shaders for improve the performance or to change the resolution of the game?
  • Hi! : )

    • There will be 3 graphic settings in the game: normal (nearly no shaders), high (all shaders), and very high (arcade monitor feel with a lot of postprocess like CRT+color saturation etc)
    • I'm still not sure about the demo. On xbox 360, making a demo was mandatory AND very interesting for the sales thanks to the "unlock full game" button at the end.

    On Steam, sadly stats are showing how nobody cares about the demo, and how absolutely no one buy a game after trying a demo.

    Maybe I'll make one a few weeks after the release, but for now I still don't know to be fully honest.

  • wow it looks great, i am jealous

  • shared on my site!

  • Hey, thanks a lot! : )

  • C2 is the most brilliant and intuitive tool I ever used. And the more important: the main focus is on how easy/quick it has to be for everyday usage. You know how much I love it.

    Totally agree! Construct 2 is probably the best tool on the market. Who says you can't make big projects with it? What Construct 2 does is draw in bigger teams and small ones, allowing single people to design games on their own, or big teams to deliver games much larger than what's typically possible. To me it almost seems like people automatically assume a tool is bad whenever they notice that it's easier than something else, but this engine definitely deserves a lot more notice than what it's been given, and you've got it my friend, you're game is one of the lights it's been searching for to pull it out of that. I can't wait to be able to test out your game! It looks brilliant!

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  • This game I think is the true showcase of what construct can do. GOOD WORK MAN! I hope the game itself would be as amazing as how the trailers are! An amazing combination of fantasy artwork and a fun fancy furious game-play and musics.

    A suggestion: As the game camera itself is so rotational; I think the HUD can rotate sometimes by camera's rotation.

    BTW; I hope you do amazing on your game.

  • This looks awesome! Keep up the great work.

  • Very excited to see TLP with the new Mode7 effect.

  • Elliott Hope you'll like it. It's not like real 3D, but it sure adds something to the game. Recording video right now : )

  • 60FPS 1080p video showcasing the "mode7♥" shader on The Next Penelope.

    Adds a bit of a 3D feel (and will be optional)

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  • WOW! Looks great! Is that done all through a shader?

    Out of curiosity. I know it's not built for that, but have you tried The Next Penelope on mobile?



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