The Next Penelope (2D F-Zero / Ulysses 31)

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  • Beaverlicious: Yes, Köln, Deutschland

    The game demo will be playable by the Gamescom public, and I really hope to get some interesting feedback to make the game better.

    If you're living or coming to Germany in August, please come say Hi!

    See the official announcement.

    Congrats again Aurel

  • Beaverlicious > Yep, this one : )

    It could sound like a minor event to non-european people, but it's actually the largest gaming event in the world (between 300 and 400 000 visitors).

    (Which is a bit scary, to be honest)

    Kyatric <3 !

  • Kyatric Aurel

    Just asking, cause I just live about 1 hour away from cologne in Frankfurt. I really would like to visit the fairy this year. If you guys come to germany for this event, feel free to drop me a line before... gonna have a coffee or probably some great german beers together!

  • Aurel

    I wanted to pre-order, but everything appears in french, so I´m honestly not willing to fill in my credit-card infos into something I can´t even read, even it´s paypal:-P

    Any chance to change that in english?

  • Aurel

    I wanted to pre-order, but everything appears in french, so I´m honestly not willing to fill in my credit-card infos into something I can´t even read, even it´s paypal:-P

    Any chance to change that in english?

    Most modern browsers should ask you if you want to translate text - Chrome works perfectly on the payment page.

    Also, congratulations Aurel!

  • Wait, what? : )

    Thank you so much for telling me this!

    I already had a few pre-order from usa or uk, but nobody told me the paypal form was in french only yet.

    You should not have to translate it.

    I'll change that tomorrow morning, thanks again!

  • Congrats Aurel

    The Next Penelope is going to be a huge success and a glorious example of C2 games.

  • Noo problem mate...I know that there are a lot of people that are careful with their data in NSA/Snowden times

  • > Ah ah, I really don't know, but I'm trying my best for sure. Fingers crossed!

    Beaverlicious > Alright, I found no way to have a Paypal form with a currency+language autoswitch. So there's now a first button in English/USD, and a second one with french/Eur. (Both are working exactly the same way)

    Thanks again for telling me! (And if you're coming to gamescom, I'm sure we'll find a way to have that beer!)

  • Aurel Your Penelope was one BIG REASON for me to get into C2 (Im a former gamesalad user).

    Some months ago, on your blog post I´ve asked if you have used game maker and you told me it was C2 (check it out, it must still be there). Then I though: "if this guy can do something THAT AWESOME, maybe I can do it too."

    Your game is AWESOME, dude. Congratulations.

  • I don't know what to answer, that's really kind of you.

    I hope (and I'm pretty sure) you're happy with C2.

    Thanks a lot, I'm spending days and nights (and nights) on that Gamescom build right now, so this kind of message really gives me boost : )

  • Same here Aurel! I was on Unity but seeing your game totally blowed out my mind and now im on C2 too!

    Can you tell us about the complexity of your project? how many lines? structure wise?

    Good Luck!!!

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  • Aurel I'd love to know a bit more about the technical side too

    Funnily enough I was pondering an idea for a sci-fi 2d platformer inspired by Ulysses 31 that captured that outlandish 1980's cartoon vibe but it gradually evolved into a top-down Wipeout-esque future racing idea. Lo and behold, beaten to it

    I did do a little tech demo though to test some ideas with the gamepad - one thing I'd love to know is, have you created your structure using the built-in box2d physics system, or did you code your own movement/collision/physics for greater control?


  • Aurel Maybe (if you had the time) you should keep a dev log, or a making of.

  • I don't know how to count the lines ^^! But let's say it's messy and way too big/complex for what it does. I'm sure a more experienced C2 user could shrink it to half. For example, due to all the particular settings and rules for each level, I got an evensheet by level + 12 more always included to handle win/lose conditions, AI, special FX, sound, worldmap, pause menu etc... Like I said, a real mess.

    And I know I will have to add a bit more of it, because some evensheets are really overloaded and make very difficult to find stuff in it, even with tons of comments and fancy ascii arrows.

    untune I'm only using the built-in car behavior, but with A LOT of additional settings on it. Sometimes it uses the car behavior, sometimes it doesn't at all. It really depends on what happens on screen. : )

    Scofano Yep, as soon as the Gamescom is over, I will produce the 2nd video devlog, and maybe open a classic text devlog thread on TIG.

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