The Next Penelope (2D F-Zero / Ulysses 31)

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  • It's been a long time since I've tested it on my Galaxy S4, to be honest.

    A few months ago, it was running OK-ish, like 40fps with some hiccups.

    Oh, and if you want to read about the mode 7 shader adventures, it's here! : )

  • Well, considering the game hasn't been built with mobile in mind, I'd say it's impressive. What about shaders? Do they translate well?

  • I've been adding tons of new shaders + content + new optimizations as well, since I launched the game on mobile for the last time.

    Honestly, I have no idea if it runs like a game or a slideshow today ^^!

    I'll try again in the next weeks as soon as I get a bit more of free time

  • Ahah would love to see it on mobile, as a test at least.

    Since you answered my tweet about GC already (with PC/Mac being smooth and WiiU a bit...different). Any trick you can share you have used on such big game?

  • That would be very pretentious to give people some advices on how to make a game with C2.

    This is the very first time I'm using it, I'm afraid to share a lot of wrong advices.

    A few things:

    Playing with the scale quality was very effective.

    Making separate eventsheets for every aspect of the gameplay (IA, HUD, Bosses, Visual Effects, Music, etc...) + one eventsheet by level makes the code easy to modify.

    And "trigger once" is a life saver.

    ...And I guess that's it, I'm sorry.

    I've played enough with C2 now to be aware I've done MANY things the wrong way, and should I start over, I'd pay way more attention to the very good guides published by Ashley on the website about optimisation etc... : )

  • your game looks gorgeous.

    did you tried it on tablets?

  • Thanks a lot : )

    About tablets, not recently no.

    I'll think about mobile and tablets in a few months, for now I have to focus on the main version.

  • Any test or beta chances?

  • I just saw this, it looks amazing, keep up!

  • It got weird, fast.

  • At least Aurèl got the donation counter going up quite quickly. Good job on being an overall nice guy, the chat loved you

  • Wow, that mode7 -twist is brilliant.

    TNP is a good example what C2 can do in the hands of a talented pro, super nice work!

  • danuyos thanks a lot! : )

    piszozo Playtests are frozen for now, but I'll run some more at the end in a month, so, yes, send me your e-mail if you want to get a buggy game for christmas! : )

    alvarop Kyatric Haha, so you actually were watching this desert bus thing ^^!

    To be honest, I'm quite proud of this, we got more than 27.000 euros for charity at the end of the day, which is pretty cool!

    Also, the game I made in 30 hours during the jam is sold in a Desert Bus for Hope bundle (also for charity).

    You can have a look at it here if you're in the mood:

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  • Well done Aurel

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