The Next Penelope (2D F-Zero / Ulysses 31)

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  • I'm still floored that its a one man effort!

    And amazed its 2d, it looks so 3d with the way you play with shapes and colours! Hurry up and release it, so you can take my money!!

  • Awesome Bravo

  • This is just...beautiful. The ships, the title screen, the great use of the hell did you do those pillars?

    The gameplay looks really slick too, what an intriguing mixture.

    BTW, maybe it's just me...but Penelope brings to mind another firey haired, futuristic heroine with an eyepatch.

    Nah, I'm probably just being a dummkopf...

  • Wow, I'm gobsmacked! I didn't expect to see something amazing like this. I hope it gets greenlit, because I really want to play this.

  • Looks amazing ! * ,*

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  • Thanks a lot for all these very kind comments!

    I really hope you'll like it once completed, and if you're going to Gamescom in August, I should be there too with a playable demo if you're in the mood.

    Keep up the good work with your games!

  • Wow......really amazin ! Can´t believe that you / your team done this game with "construct2"

  • wow.. I literally just want to give up after seeing your first devlog video... you are really attacking this thing.. you got some true motivation! And you have a great eye for effects... I suppose it helps to be a great artist, but still your use of special effects seems quite seasoned. Watching the trailer I forgot I was looking at a game made in C2...

    Like that electrified teleport beam in your game.. I've been trying to make a beam weapon attack look good in my game for over a month now. I have it looking okay, but not even close to yours. It doesn't behave well and glitches.. I've tried everything..

    I'd say good luck, but with your skills and motivation you don't need luck.. just a matter of time before you do really well for yourself!


  • and I don't mean that as a slight against C2.. just most of us making games on here aren't pros and don't make moving parts so veteran-like!

  • Having been a game graphic artist for 10 years sure helps, but I've never done any code or made music before Penelope, I'm a total newbie on a lot of things, and don't consider myself as a "pro".

    (Also, the beam effect you're talking about sure have glitches in my game too! When you're too far/too close, it's not pretty, I'll have to work it again.)

    Thanks a lot for your comment, but please don't give up!

    That's what I love about C2, people who aren't pros can make amazing things with it. We just need to focus on our strenghts. (I see you're a music producer and coder, I'm sure you can make fantastic games dynamicaly linked with music, which I'll never be able to make.)

    It took you a month to get a OK beam effect? Well, it took me a month to make a OK background music like this one:

    I wish you the best with your game! : )

  • Loving this! Really cool!!

  • It's awesome, for me, The Next Penelope is the benchmark of a good looking game made with C2. This and Airscape are definitely top.

  • Thanks a lot! I'm sure there will be a lot more of great looking games in the next months. Some dev friends in nice studios are starting to look at C2 as a real engine, I can't wait to see wat they'll do with it.

    Oh, by the way, I visit the C2 forums on a regular basis, but I'm not always logged, so sometimes I miss PM or answers. If you want to quickly discuss anything about Penelope, don't hesitate to reach me on twitter ( ), I'm always happy to answer to any question : )

  • Some updates and good news for Penelope!

    First, the game has been selected to be part of the Indie MEGABOOTH at Gamescom, which is pretty cool as it will be the very first time I'm doing something like this with my own booth and all.

    The game demo will be playable by the Gamescom public, and I really hope to get some interesting feedback to make the game better.

    If you're living or coming to Germany in August, please come say Hi!

    Also, I quickly made a website for the game. You'll find GIFs and a pre-order sale to support the game if you're in the mood. And more GIFs (I really like GIFs).

    Right after the Gamescom, I'll record the second video devlog (on 3), showing new weapons and worlds. Hope you'll like it : )

    Keep up the good work with your games, C2 makers!

  • Do you mean the gamescom in Cologne/Germany?

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