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  • Hi Colludium

    I found another way to finish your first level: just jump in the abyss after the chariot and your game considers the player win

    (sorry i know i must stop to found bug lol)

    (happy to see the trap works normally)

  • MadSpy - You have an uncanny knack of finding my coding errors LOL!! Thanks again - I'll take a look at this and have it sorted in 10 mins.

  • OK, MadSpy, I've re-enabled a couple of events that I had disabled for some earlier debugging... All should be well, now. I've also tweaked the background lighting effects so that no two layout runs appear exactly the same, just to make it a bit more visually pleasing.

  • nice visual Colludium (a little to dark) but i finish the level on jump in the pit again instead of taking the cage(the crib? damned english)

  • MadSpy - more care required on my part, I missed one step!! Give it a go now, it should work, I promise!

    Edit - I've reduced the darkness ever so slightly, so you can see a little more of the level without having to turn the lights in the room off.

  • MadSpy, merci beaucoup pour aidez-moi, old bean! As you can see, your English is far better than my French...

    Whilst learning Unity in my spare spare time I'm also going to start work on level 2. I have some cunning traps and hope to have some picture in the next few days (although this weekend is going to be taken over by Ludum Dare...).

  • you're almost there Colludium !!... but (i'm an horrible bugs'hunter):

    1/ when the player jump in the pit, the player don't fall... he's stop by an invisible floor (in the pit, it's funny) 3~4sec delay and go to the last checkpoint

    2/ you still have a probleme with the fish, i test with the following event:

    jump and grab the rope -> release -> falling to the water'edges -> climb the border -> fish visible -> grap the rope and finish in skeleton on the rope.. (flying fishs? lol)

    3/when player push the skeleton -> fall down and grab -> the skeleton fall in first and grab continue with skeleton behind the player (funny to push nothing and the skeleton follow the player.

    that's all (for the moment)

    feel free to say "stop finding my bug" ^^

  • MadSpy, ah yes - the old death by fish problem. It looks like I need to work on that one a bit more. I need to work on a proper fish hazard FSM - the one I have appears incomplete...

    About the skeleton pushing - I'm not sure what you mean - do you mean pushing the skeleton onto the switch plate or pushing it off the platform? I've just found that the player needs a new FSM mode for when it's pushing something off a platform and doesn't let go.

    All of your bug finding is invaluable - don't stop!!

  • Trying to reproduce and send screenshoot

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  • send Colludium

  • Thank you MadSpy - new version uploaded. Hopefully less bug-ridden this time... .

  • you're welcome Colludium

    it's better

    I found something else (please don't hurt me lol), i share a video

  • MadSpy, I owe you one for all of your help. Let me know how I can return the favour. New version uploaded (again ).

  • Maybe soon Colludium , i'm only on C2 since 1 month ago.

    I just finish mechanic's game with 2 simultaneous shoots (hit 1 ennemy, hit 2 at same times, hit 2 on different time (usefull for success))

    I'll test your new(new, new, new...) version tomorrow, 'cause i've to go to work in few hours ^^ (i'm happy)

  • Hi Colludium,

    I shared a video for you... i know you love that lol

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