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  • Thanks My pace is slow but I think I'm making progress....

  • I've been busy this week - unfortunately, it's been my real job that's demanded my time. However, I've still managed to add swimming to the player's repertoire.

  • Colludium

    This is looking great

  • Thank you spongehammer!

    ...with luck you might be able to pack your " real job " in

    That would be utopia, although I quite like my proper job - which equals a dilemma of the highest order. Maybe I could turn my proper job into a hobby and keep my hobby as a hobby as well!

    So, update so far. It's going to take me a couple of weeks of work and then I hope to have a demo level 1 ready. Everyone will be welcome to give it a play and pick holes or suggest tweaks and ideas. My kids are great for ideas but some of them are too 'imaginative'... Also, the more I do the more I realize that I've still got left to do, which must then be added to the continually lengthening list of game-play idea additions...

    There's no way I could have done any of the animation without Spriter; it's proved to be invaluable because of the smooth animation transitions that would be impossible to achieve between traditional animations (so far I have just under 30 animations and I expect to easily double that number of the coming months). Integrating the plugin was sheer brilliance for C2.

    Next planned events: underwater swimming, a couple of extra ways to die and then demo level 1 tidying.

  • Is it wrong to enjoy making a character die so many different ways?

  • Gotta read the signs

  • Colludium

    I keep checking for updates

  • Thanks spongehammer! I've been audited at work all week (massive pain....) so not much progress has been made while I made sure I kept my day job! I'm planning to have a demo of sorts available soon if you're up for giving feedback. Cheers!

  • Sign me up

  • A word to describe today: frustrating.

    I duplicated a physics object to make some collision filtering easier to manage, and all seemed well with the world when I did some testing. So, I finished adding some juicy visual and audio effects to the level 1 demo. However, the player now has some serious bugs which I can only attribute to the earlier duplication of the physics object... Deleting the object makes no difference and reverting back to a system backup does not precede the object's duplication. Luckily I zipped all game files to an archive yesterday and all of that works as it should.

    Lesson 1: make more frequent zip archives.

    Lesson 2: don't copy physics objects unless you really have no alternative (ie don't do it).

    Lesson 3: there's no way to submit this as a bug report, so the problem might manifest itself again....

    The bright side: having to re-do 6 hours of work is better than having to start the whole project again....!!

  • Hmmm strange though all the same.

  • OK, finally some progress has been made.... I hope you like the direction the theme is taking!

    Edit to add, just for interest, that so far this uses 32 animations for the player. Spriter and its implementation into c2 is a real time saver...

  • If anyone would like to try out a pre-alpha level 1 demo, then please follow this Umbra Alpha Demo Link.

    Let me know what you think - good, bad and indifferent - all feedback is appreciated. Some of the sounds are placeholders, including the theme, but you'll get the idea I'm sure.


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  • It runs slow in Google Chome 41 like 3-5 fps w/o hardware acceleration on to run but it boost to 56-60 once that is turned on

    Internet Explore runs fine at 56-60 fps

    The controls say you can use WSAD but it doesn't respond when I press the button.

    The death effects I love

  • I forgot WASD, PhoenixNightly! Give me 5 minutes.... D'oh!

    Edit to add - thanks for the perf feedback. I'm having no probs in chrome 41 using intel 4600... Hardware compatibility is my biggest concern. Sadly IE is starting to look like a better and more stable option than chrome nowadays. If only there was an easy IE version of NW...

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