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  • MadSpy, you're pretty good at this (and I'm pretty not-good at creating a robust player FSM, it would seem). New version posted...

  • OK, by my counting that's a total of 25 alpha versions of level 1 so far....

  • waitting to start the second ^^

  • i've got another one Colludium

  • MadSpy - I've got another fix for you to check out! I re-wrote the piranha FSM - I hope it passes your testing....

  • Passed

  • MadSpy,

  • Hi,

    I tested on an old laptop to see what happens (core2duo p7xxx 2GHz, 3Gb, gt9400).

    10 first sec 4~6 FPS else 12~17/18FPS but the new controls greatly helps for playing but ambiences'sound are ugly

    I recommend you to check if the frame rate is below 20 ---> disable ambiences'sounds (just keep sfx footstep)

    Else new controls new controls are really much better (they help the fluidity of gameplay)

    Nice job again

  • MadSpy - thanks for the older hardware test. My biggest concern with this project is people playing on 'average' hardware - and a core2duo isn't that old....!!

    One thing I'm considering is reducing the default window size and then giving the player the option to up-scale if they think their hardware can cope. Presently the game is 1280x720 with Full Screen Scaling : Low Quality; but perhaps I might be better off starting with something like 960x540 or even smaller... and then you can just drag the window to increase the viewing area or maybe I could add a menu option as well....

    Anyone any alternative suggestions? I suspect GPU fillrate is the culprit as the physics engine is hardly tested.

  • if I can I will try to test test on Amd E1 / intel celeron and intel N3000 serie

  • Thanks MadSpy - if it's anything older than 5 years old then I won't be advertising support. I think any GPUs older than that will struggle with rendering all of the layers I have (not many, but these are the problems we face..).

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  • older than 5 years old.... maybe P4 3GHz with Nvidia 6600gt 2GbDDR ? ^^

    Amd Epu E1 is very common on basic/office PC

  • MadSpy, I think I can guess how they will perform .

    After this weekend's LD marathon I'm going to add a resolution / effects options page to the start menus, so players will have some control over what they see rendered if their machines struggle or have performance to spare. I will probably go for a lowest setting = lowest resolution with poor quality upscaling and monochromatic backgrounds, scaling somewhat to a top-of-the-range hardware setting that upscales to full HD with max visual effects. Should be a good diversion from planning level 2...

  • So, after my Ludum Dare holiday, it's back to work! Level 2 design has started; I have a few traps in mind so far - I just hope I'm not being too ambitious (never, I say)!

    Here's a snippet of my progress so far, just to prove I'm not just playing other people's games on LD:

  • good news ^^

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