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  • Could you make the action key something other than Ctrl? I keep triggering bookmark page when pressing ctrl-d. Another issue I'm having is the character sometimes walks when no keys are pressed, or sometimes movement stops working. These happen after pressing the use key on the log.

    Other than that, very nice animation & I'm getting steady 60fps fullscreen in firefox.

  • Thanks mattb, I'll add an alternative option for control. Would you be able to try it in chrome on your machine, I'm hoping the animation triggers will work correctly there? I haven't tested in anything else because I'm aiming for NW.... Thanks.

    Edit - for me, FF is a bit janky and none of the directional sounds seem to fade with distance in IE (which is a pity because IE is super silky smooth).

  • Had a go in chrome & the same thing happened: i press ctrl-d after walking off the log to pull it right, the new bookmark menu pops up, i fall into the pit while closing that ( ), now the character just walks right without pressing any keys.

    I'm using windows 7, & keyboard things like sticky keys are turned off so it can't be that.

  • Mmmm. Thanks mattb - I have duplicated this in IE. I'm going to have to pick a different key or keys for the control function!! No big deal but totally unexpected....

    Edit - updated. For the time being, the new control keys are "Z" or "?"...

  • Well for Chrome users just make a note on the start screen to have hardware acceleration on and they should be fine. Cause when I switched that on it was running great. Why not Shift for action cause the pinky finger falls right on it with the WASD control layout. Just a thought though

  • PhoenixNightly - thanks and yes, I'm also tempted to use the shift key. The only problem is that Microsoft in their wisdom use long presses (> 8 sec) of holding the shift key down to bring up the Filter Keys menu.... Most gamers probably have that turned off, so I'll keep it in mind .

  • Also while playing I foolishly jumped into the lake but jumped right back out before they actually devoured me and walked a few steps then turned to a skeleton and died. Is once the fishes touch you its instant death?? If so maybe stop controller input so they can't still climb out and then eventually die. It would just make them feel cheated because they got out of the lake only to die a few steps later.

    **Ahhh tis true and the Space cause right now it does nothing??

    Here is a video for you to see what I am talking about...


    Maybe make a landing animation to add that extra umph instead of her stiffing up like a board when she lands.

  • PhoenixNightly - thanks for the vid: too quick for the piranhas?!? I'll have to fix that...

    Very very good point about the space bar (I have nothing against using it...!). The land animation is a good one. There actually is one already, but it only plays after falling above a certain speed (it looked odd after small down-steps) and it doesn't happen when you are moving in the x direction because that also seemed false as the animation didn't blend well. I'm not giving up yet because the point is still valid.


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  • Yea it could be something simple as her body bending in a little. Right now that is more for if she jumped in place versus jumping forward. Also animation wise you have her pigtail move when she is walking but when she moving something it doesn't move.(Minor nothing serious)

  • All good observations, thanks = keep 'em coming!

  • Hi,

    I tested your demo, it's a great work.

    Don't worry about the steam's comments,they forget that limbo is also a clone (example:world of goo( for physic)+ dark theme ).

    I noted the following things:

    • when up arrow (or z or B button) is down, the player jump in the air (and not on the floor)
    • the left analog y axis is too sensitive for the jump (i think) ("gamepad left analog y axis < 25" ?)
    • on controle menu, grap and jump have both Z key (annoying)
    • i love the trap after the ball

    great ambience

  • Thank you MadSpy - all good points noted. With regard to the up arrow down, do you mean the player jumped like a double-jump, or something else? Cheers.

  • Colludium

    he jump and jump again but her feets are not on the floor... the animation start before she touch the ground

    (sorry for my very bad english)

  • Your english is certainly better than my non-existent second language MadSpy . Are you using chrome 41 and could you tell my your system specs? Also, if you re-size the browser window to small (approx 1000x600) does it still happen? That's a weird one that might be down to reduced framerate causing weird collision checking.... Thanks!

  • Colludium

    tested on chrome 41 and firefox 37 on i7-990x gtx970 and i7-4790K gtx770 and i had the same bug

    Edit: same on windowed 800x600 browser (on i7-990x)

    jump normally then little jump

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