[closed] Umbra... Now available on Steam

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  • This is so good to hear man, you definitely deserve it and I hope all goes well!

  • Colludium

    Great news, well done.

  • Grats!

    Now the fun part, getting NW.JS to behave with C2 on Steam.

  • Thank you all! I'm still in disbelief...


    Now the fun part, getting NW.JS to behave with C2 on Steam.

    I think the words that best describes the process are "intimidating" and "confusing".

  • You're going to make a fortune if you continue along this path...

  • It's fair to say that the Steam SDK is rather comprehensive (in a voluminous sort of way)... After a bit of trial and error, a couple of beers and some swearing, I have achieved upload and download success using 's awesome plugin. Pretty sweet using nw.js v12 in steam - cloud save, achievements, overlay all working in windows. The next couple of days will be taken up by doing battle with linux and osx. I have no idea what I'm doing on those platforms, while my mac is over 5 years old and hates nw.js, lol....

    I'm excited about nw.js v13, but I understand that all greenworks plugins will need to be adapted for it... :/

  • Colludium

    Don't you notice after a longer play session, your game start to stutter and lag with NW 12?

    Try it, play for an hour or two non-stop.

  • Colludium, Congratulations! I am sure your success will inspire all of us here as well! Just to let you know, the HD video on the first page isn't working anymore on my end.

  • Thanks rekjl !! I just checked and the video still works for me - hopefully just a server glitch...

    - I haven't played through in a one-er yet using v12. That will be a good test - I'll do that this weekend and monitor it closely. My game doesn't use much image/asset memory (approx 100 Mb IIRC), most of the gpu demand is from shader/blend effects and cpu demand is quite low. I suspect that I will also see evidence of a memory leak - I'm also hoping to hold out for nw v 13 and would rather avoid the risk of upset customers if I can, even if I don't see any leak evidence myself.

  • I was in the same boat, I mostly test features I coded, without long play through sessions until I got all the features done, then came balance and bug hunt play testing.. after 1 hour, it lagged badly. It was game-breaking. Which led me to investigate more and it was due to the Chromium memory leaks (fixed in 0.13 alpha 6+).

    NW12 also suffer from vsync issues, after 15-30 minutes a lot of people reported stutter or jank. Very disruptive to games.

  • , I did 2 hours of continuous testing and never observed any degradation in performance. Now, that was on my desktop and not on a min-spec laptop using intel hd graphics, so I am still reserving judgement as to whether or not nw.js v12 could be good enough for me. I guess the big question is will Ashley update the greenheartgames source or will he wait until someone else does that instead? Either way, I don't want to wait 6 months until the greenworks plugin supports nw v13. My money is still on being able to do something more comprehensive and magic... which I would happily pay for.

  • Here you go! A year of work resulting in some extra greyness to my hair, sleepless nights and the whole experience has left me with a profound desire to do it all again!

    Umbra: Shadow of Death on Steam

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  • As this game is no longer in development, please post any more comments on the thread in the completed games forum here. Thanks for all of your help, advice and interest in this game - I really appreciate the community support here, and you all helped me keep this going!

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