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  • MadSpy - thank you for this; I can duplicate it on my machine as well (I never really tried just jumping on the spot). I think a check of having landed for 0.2 sec or similar needs to be added to prevent this from happening. Just for interest, the player FSM checks for overlap-at-offset depending on the player's y velocity (because it uses the physics behavior, there's no way to interrogate box2d to consistently check for colliding bodies). Give me a few minutes and I think I'll have a better version uploaded....

    Your machines sound like they are quite the beasts, by the way....

    Edit - updated. Works a treat and now the land animation works consistently correctly as well....

  • Colludium

    maybe you can use the condition "on key arrow up pressed" instead of "on key arow up down" to force player to press jump's key again

  • MadSpy, exactly right. The way I've implemented a player FSM - the events in each player "mode" check for control booleans - and all control input triggers are handled by changes of other variables or changes of player FMS mode, as well as good use of trigger-once. There's already a trigger once for the on the ground whilst the Up Control Boolean is true, so the player is now forced to press Up again because of the time delay. If any of that makes sense...

  • OK, after some judicious event tweaking I've got the jump / land animation to work as I always intended. Why has it taken so long for me to see how to do this?????

  • Plays well in Firefox and Chrome. Its a little frustrating trying to let go of the rope and when you do you cant grab it again on the way down. Otherwise its looking nice.

  • Colludium

    yeah, it works ! space key is better for action. I can jump and grab ^^

  • Thanks spongehammer - I'll have a go at tweaking the rope jump mechanics today. From what I remember about rope climbing, it's actually quite easy to let go of one....!

    Still thinking keyboard and controls. I've added D Pad options and I'm going to change the sensitivity on the left stick so it's easier to use. I'm also thinking of adding use of the shift key for the control action, in case some don't like the space bar or it interferes with touch pad etc.

  • Some minor tweaks added to the alpha demo: shift and space for "control" and better response on the xbox controller (I hope - very subjective). Rope climbing is fixed now as well...

    Things I'm thinking about, apart from planning the puzzles for level 2 I mean, revolve around balancing visual effects with GPU performance. I've probably done as much as I think it's reasonably safe to demand out of an average GPU. It's less than I expected, but as C2 uses a bottom to top rendering routine, I don't think I can get away with much more without risking framerate and stability. I have a crappy old laptop that was worth 2k GBP 7 years ago and that's my benchmark testing device; if it doesn't work on that then I need to fix something...

    Thanks again to everyone who's posted their thoughts and advice so far - I really appreciate the time you've all taken.

  • Colludium

    i tested this new version.

    1/ Xbox left joy y sensitive is better

    2/ minor bug with the 1st trap (afer the ball) -> activate -> dodge's player -> jump over -> active but under the ground (i mean the trap rotate 90° clockwisse)

    3/ minor bug with the ladder under the chariot:

    when the player pull to the right the chariot (instead of pushing it) and when the player jump (for climb the chariot), then the player climb the ladder (with anim) in the air and can down under the ground

    4/ when the player grab and push the skeleton, the grab's anim run in the air when the player goes down the platform

  • MadSpy,

    1 That's great to hear.

    2. Mmmm - I can't duplicate that at all. Does it happen consistently or was it just the once? Either way, that should not be possible.... which is not good.

    3. That's an interesting climb ability she has - and not as intended. I'm not sure what's going on there, but I suspect that my object picking algorithm is poorly set up. I should be able to fix this tonight.

    4. Yes - I am going to edit the animation so she can push or pull small objects low down without this appearing to happen (it's because she stays vertical even when on a slope, and I don't think there's yet a way using Spriter to control animation elements that way).

    These are all great finds - thank you!!

  • hum i've just pin the girl on the top of the 1st object you can move.... don't try to walk on it AND grab it (minor bug).. can't do anything.. just the beginning of grab's anim

  • All sorted - I must have been working too late on those conditions LOL.... Ladder behavior is now as intended. I'll edit the animation later tonight.

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  • "2. Mmmm - I can't duplicate that at all. Does it happen consistently or was it just the once? Either way, that should not be possible.... which is not good. "

    I tested again :

    active trap -> go to the left to dodge and go to the right -> jump over the trap (the trap is now on the ground again) -> wait 1sec -> trap rotate 90° clockwise (under the ground) --> go back (before the trap) -> trap activate and rotate 90° counter clockwise (go back parallel to the ground) -> trap active again and rotate 90° counter and kill the player

    5/sometimes when the player jump to go down the platform (one that avoids the ball), the player die when he hit the ground

  • Ahhh - I see - I think I know what's been happening there: you triggered the trap twice. I have now fixed it - awesome find mate - thanks MadSpy! The death by jumping off the platform is deliberate.... so be careful!!

  • I have not tested if the last trap before the end did the same thing. I'll test later

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