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  • OK, some technical progress has been made... even if not level-2-progress.

    The demo has now been updated with an options menu. You can select different canvas resolutions from which a full screen game will be rendered. With low quality selected as well then this should allow weaker GPUs to render to full screen without getting max'd out... With high quality selected then, well, you get high quality in full screen. Give it a try and let me know what you think or if you find any bugs. This also resizes the nw screen if not in full screen.

    I attempted to use the new local storage plugin but found it long-winded compared to webstorage. As I am not planning to sell to the Chrome store I've elected to keep using the webstorage plugin. However, I have made some efficiency changes to the game-save logic as part of this work, and it's incompatible with the previous game save logic - so you'll have to start from the beginning.... Not to worry!! Press the 0 - 3 keys to magically teleport between the different game save locations.

  • Hi Colludium ,

    amazing work.

    I tested your last release on some configurations. Nothing to say about the more powerful pc. Game save location seems to work correctly.

    On pc with dualcore/g9400 (low res, low scale, windowed), framerate remains low (maybe flares/torches' animation are involved) but the player's animation seems accelerated.

    that's all for now ^^

  • Thanks The scaling took a bit of thinking about to get it to work correctly with the camera zooming mech, and I'm glad it all seems to work now.

    There's so little else going on aside from drawing a few layers of objects that I wonder if GPU fill rate bottling is at fault for the slow down. I wonder if the GPU on that machine is blacklisted by chrome... Probably not much I can do about that .


  • I forgot to specify that it is under firefox and windows xp.(dualcore/g9400 not i7/gtx970)

  • Wall climbing mech finally sorted out. This was supposed to be easy... But a self-induced animation bug took a little while to figure out. Anyway, after some tweaking it seems to do the job!

  • Wow!! it looks really good.

  • So.... level 2 progress is - well - progressing . Whilst integrating the climb mechanic, I started to feel that our heroine needed some better animations, so I've added the following 'land' animations. What do you think - thumbs up or thumbs down?

  • .....and:

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  • thumbs up !!!!

    I (really) would like to know how to create animations (especially drawing ) like you ^^

  • I tried the game and it is really good But there's room for imrpovements

    1. You should start out with explaining the mechanics in the beginning so the player understands what to do because many players won't look at the controls layout. For examle a text with "press and hold X to move the log" and "Press Y to jump" when you're at the hole and so on. I understand that you don't want to ruin it with text but I can see many players getting stuck straight away and just give up Or maybe just a sign with symbols explaining how to do it and what to look for.

    2. Gravity is a bit low. It feels like you're on the moon when you jump and fall. I think it should be much better if the gravity was more like here on earth. Had some trouble predicting when to jump when the gravity was so off. And you're probably used to it by now so maybe you haven't noticed. That tends to happen to us developers

    3. Maybe you could make the character raise her arms while falling so it really looks like she's falling. Now she looks like she's doing "the nail" into a pool.

    4. Lastly, when you get eaten by the piranhas the skeleton suddenly get white. I think you should keep the silhouette theme and keep it all black. Now it looks like someone is pointing a spotlight at the skeleton all of a sudden.

    But other than that it's a great start and if you keep up the great work you'll soon have a hell of a game. Good luck m8!

  • Thank you Anonnymitet, you make some very good observations.

    1. I am planning on an intro and scene setting level which will also introduce the controls.

    2. I know what you mean about the gravity. The other side of the coin is I don't want the player's movement to appear too arcade like - quick jumps and falls - I want it to be watchable, if that makes sense. I will have a play around, though, and see if I can tweak it to be better.

    3. You're one step ahead of me and the point is completely valid - the demo of level 2 (a few weeks away I think) will show a new fall animation. Hard to get perfect and I suspect it will get adjusted a few times still... But it looks more realistic than the upright jump the current demo shows.

    4. I agree! The piranhas were supposed to be a bit of fun, but the transition to a full skeleton is too quick and doesn't do justice to the atmosphere I'm trying to create. Pity - it took me quite a while to set up....

    I really appreciate the feedback and hope you'll check keep an eye on things here as I slowly progress (around my day job) .

  • Yet another way to die! If I never finish the game at least I will have created a rather comprehensive archive of possible deaths...

  • Very creepy , I love. It remains to see how it makes in the game

  • Level 2 is progressing and is turning out to be quite large. I'm being careful to optimize my events and to enable/disable groups and/for objects that are nowhere near the viewport.

  • I hope you progressing well in your new level. This game has potential.

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