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From the Asset Store
290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!

    IMPORTANT: You must be at least 18 years old for legal reasons to sell assets in our store

    We're gearing up to launch the new Scirra store in the next couple of weeks which features an asset store. The new store will allow:

    • Ability to upload and sell your assets
    • Promotional options, sales, flash sales, bundles - sellers can set their own settings for these
    • Item versioning, so sellers can easily update their assets with newer versions
    • Purchases in multiple currencies (we'll be launching with at least 15 supported from our most popular visitor locations)
    • Ability to set items with 'exclusive prices', when purchased at this price they are removed from sale
    • All assets sold will be under a Royalty Free License which makes it easy and safe for buyers
    • Full customer review system
    • Support for audio previews/youtube videos and screenshots to help promote items
    • Easier to navigate and more accessible store

    Here's a few screenshots so far:

    The standard deal we offer is:

    • We take a 30% commission after fees (typically payment processor fees and sales tax)
    • You must distribute your assets under our Royalty Free Agreement (where applicable)

    Do you have assets to sell?

    If you do, please send an email to, with a sample of your work and your Scirra username. We'll then review the assets for suitability in our store for initial public release. If we like them, we'll give you private beta access to the new store where you can upload your assets if you choose.

    When the store is released, we will charge a £15 fee for new seller accounts. For people accepted onto the private beta this fee will be waived (free access!)

    3 days before the public release of the store, we'll be emailing all sellers to make sure they are happy with everything before we go live.

    Categories of Assets

    • Tools (software)
    • Games (just to play!)
    • Games with CapX files
    • Ebooks
    • Plugins/behaviours/effects
    • Graphics
    • Sound FX
    • Music
    • Sprite fonts
    • CapX templates
    • Spriter animations
    • Sprite fonts

    We're happy to add more categories if you have assets that don't fit in the above.

    Sounds great! If anyone has any plugin requests, feel free to PM me. Sounds like making some stuff would be a fun side project.

    Sounds super ! A good news for Assets Artists / sound artist etc ... Great news.


    Excellent! I have effects and full source to sell.

    Edit - Just sent the email out to you Tom.


    If you are on Linkedin, join other C2 professionals and network on the Scirra Construct 2 Developer Group at

    I assume people who now develop free plugins, behaviours & effects for the community will now stop. ?

    In fact that could also apply to tutorials and examples on the forums. Cynical i know but thats how it goes.

    This is awesome!

    Awesome idea!

    Whats the plural of capx?

    Any way I have quite a few, shall we say... mechanics just sitting around doing nothing.

    Would be nice to see them in use.

    Hopefully by someone with enough patience to actually finish a game.


    There is a lot out there already.

    More than enough to learn how to on your own.

    I see this as a convenience, or a time saver.

    Great news, the new Assets Store is on the way

    Yes! I remember requesting it few years back and now it's coming true

    Tom thank you Scirra


    Great news!

    Superb news! Finally a great way to sell plugins here, we were on a breach of a wild west on the forums and all kind of selling mechanisms without any quality insurance.

    spongehammer I wouldn't be so worried, there will be a lot of free versions of paid plugins soon, and this is a great mechanism to promote quality in plugins. I'm all for open-source, and this won't stop open-source plugins but this is the right way to go! Props to Scirra!

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    JohnnySheffield seconded. They still have to go through Scirra first, and I'm sure they won't just be accepting hastily thrown-together content or "beta" in progress items, but more so complete and functional plugins and templates & etc. that are actually of some value.

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