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    Already there <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> Blue button at the bottom of the item page that says "View all sellers items", example:

    Tom That is in the store item page. What if we want to go to that page through someone's profile and not directly through shop?

    That blue button should get added to profile Bio page as well with a thumbnail or icon of 2-3 assets.

    That will give some direct links to the store assets, when some is going through any members profile.I am just suggesting, if it is not a very time consuming process.

    Greetings Tom ,

    where can we promote our products here at Scirra forums?

    Thank you in advance


    famekrafts, ah yes good idea. Will do this after the release so not to confuse people.

    Michaelb, not sure yet. When it's released we'll figure it all out.

    Much appreciated Tom , you are the best.

    Tom don't get me wrong but "Demos"... as it sound good and nice, I'm not sure it's a good idea. At least not for all categories and especially not for animations.

    I don't want to explain why in details because I don't want to encourage anyone or tell something I'm not supposed to, but no.

    It maybe nice option to show very very small level from very large game, or explain how addons work and what they do, but that's it. I would never used that to show any of my sprites, animations, music or sfx :/

    and besides my whinings above, new store look better and better every day.

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    This is what I was thinking and use to dream about, thanks Team C2

    Good points. I can set it per category. What I'll do is see how people use it, and if people do misuse it or it's not useful in some way for specific categories I'll disable it for those categories. It makes sense for plugins/games/animations though I think. You're right though, probably not for audio.

    Tom Thanks. Today's updates look very promising and will help, especially the demo urls.

    Thanks Feedback has been very positive and also useful so far. I think with regards to tools/features for sellers, coming to an end (for now). Have to stop somewhere!

    Looking to finish the licensing details and payment processing, after that looking at caching to speed up the pages and a few other bits and bobs, then we're ready for launch.

    shinkan Never bother about what you are good at. I even give WIP files with my assets, so that people understand how I design them and also put up the videos on my online portfolio.

    It doesn't matter if you show these things, because you will keep making assets and other packs and by the time someone either tries to steal or come to your level of skill set, you will be way far ahead.

    Keep sharing that makes your clients appreciate your skill set.

    Animations and Audio are different story.

    Yes people will try to buy and put assets online on torrents and other sites, we just need to keep a tab for that and notify the store or the site to take them down, which can be done by just creating a google alerts of your pack names. As anybody uses same or similar names to upload on torrents, you will get an alert in your email.

    And even torrents should't bother us because people who don't want to pay go to these sites. Genuine buyers always buy and they will keep buying from you in future. Instead piracy can actually help make your/ brand name famous if your assets are really good.

    So according to me demo urls are really a nice way to give your clients even more than what they paid for.

    I agree with famekrafts unfortunately shinkan has a point also...

    Yes but then we have the option to enter the demo urls or not enter them.

    Tom just do not make it necessary, so that people can skip it if they want to, and you will not need to restrict it to categories.

    famekrafts not sure if I understand you, but I think you did not understand me, so we are even

    I don't care and have nothing against putting WIP works, demos, animations, previzs (previz'es ?!) or whatever.

    Or even people who buy stuff and share it somewhere else, that is inevitable in our times.

    My point was. In few seconds I am able to download every single asset from typical html5 game and most of the people can, without any special tools or experience - thats the big minus for html5 games.

    You are selling sprite animations for 5$. And same time you made a "demo game" with all your sprites to show how they work. And that's lovely idea for all customers, to show exactly what they pay for, and I really like this idea a lot. But unfortunately reality is not that sweet.

    From your store page I can pay 5$ and buy your lovely sprites, or I can run your animation demo and get them for free.

    I want you to understand that I'm not being negative or whatever, quite opposite actually. I was concern about that situation. I even made a quick test of Tom new demo feature and unfortunately it works as I expected. Not wrong but rather not secured.

    "Yes but then we have the option to enter the demo urls or not enter them."

    That is true, but people are usually unaware how easy it is to get all their assets from simple html5 page. And they usually do everything to promote their stuff.

    shinkan That is a valid point. Instead of making a demo game in html5, make a water marked animation ( or simply record the demo game being played with camtasia or other software and upload with a water mark).

    I do not think someone will go for that much trouble to derive it out from an animated video. Simply do not give them the actual html 5 game demo.

    And this can be mentioned on the page where you upload demo urls, so others will follow similar process.

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