Seeking assets for our new store!

From the Asset Store
290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!

    Thought this might come in handy for anyone uploading multiple items into the store, and save you a couple of minutes.

    I just created these PSD templates for each image size, and then it was very easy to either paste and shrink a screenshot, or assemble a new image out of multiple layers. This went much more quickly than my first attempt loading in whatever images I was using and resizing the canvas or cropping, etc.


    Well, I´m not so into this asset selling stuff or other markets to be honest but comparing to other stores it really seems to be cheap.

    But as you say hard work....I can just see it from my point of view as a graphic artists. These UI´s you are talking about can be made in about let´s say 2-3 hours with a good collection of layer-styles! it´s just copy and paste then!

    12 bugs is a fair price for that!

    I definitely need to sell some of my stuff as well, if it´s paid that good

    lucid Thanks for the sharing

    The problem with the price is if you are selling same stuff on other stores as well, you have to maintain the approx same price on all stores.

    Like mine DIno pack is up here as well as on other stores.

    What do you guys say is the price ok with all the extra photoshop files and render passes I have provided?

    Well I am not able to provide link here not enough reputation.

    Beaverlicious Creator puts his item up for the price he sees it as fair exchange for his work. What you as a potential client can do is to either buy it or not. Telling someone that his item is overpriced is a purely subjective statement and has nothing to do with any measurements. And as a matter of fact there are none measurements other then creators statistics.

    Plus, what takes you 2-3 hours to make is great for you, I can't do that. That's why there is a market.

    Yeahh sure thing, no one is forced to buy something. It was just a first impression and maybe I was wron about it.

    I won´t see it as a bad thing, I just put in some stuff myself and hopefully someone will find it´s price okay

    lucid Thanks for those templates. I have sent a personal email to you regarding spriter.

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    How will we get paid? (Skrill, Paypal, etc.)

    What types of files will be supported for sprites/animations, UI icons? (PSD, AI, EPS, PNG)

    How long does it take for pictures to be approved?

    How long does it take for pictures to be approved?

    I've been submitting mine in the evening and find that they're generally approved by midday the next day.

    I sure do hope that the image approval thing goes away, it's kind of irritating if you have to make quick changes, or if you realise that the image doesn't look quite how you hoped when it's in the store.

    Gonna give it a try with some amazing content.

    Just send a request

    It takes one day to even get the pack approved. My 5 packs are up on the graphics section in just 2 days. That is some very fast approval speed. I had to face 3-4 days delays on other stores.

    Awesome service

    Tom One Request: Once the store is completely ready, link all the members (who have assets in store) profile with the shop. That way it will be easier to browse through members assets on the store, by just clicking and going through their profile ( just 2-3 assets with a link to see all the assets).

    Other online stores are using something like this and it is very helpful to browse through some ones assets on store.

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