Seeking assets for our new store!

From the Asset Store
290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!

    Cool. I've got loads of unused hq music lying around my hard drives.

    Nice! I would sell my .capx there.

    I dont have any issues with it personally and its another boost for C2 which is great. My only concern is that it might damage the forums, which are the best i have ever used in terms of people helping others.

    Sweet! for some weird reasons I thought a store was already there..

    would be nice to have a FREEBIES section too!

    I assume people who now develop free plugins, behaviours & effects for the community will now stop. ?

    In fact that could also apply to tutorials and examples on the forums. Cynical i know but thats how it goes.

    plugins/behaviours/effects: So? It takes time, and these guys have families to feed. I think it will be a positive move, and expect better 3rd party extensions and support.

    Tutorials/examples: Probably, but you should also see a lot more quality, and less junk. A large portion of the current tuts are the wrong way to do things and are teaching bad habits/practices.

    This would be an ideal time to introduce modularity into C2 if for nothing else but allowing importing of modular capx.

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    Well this is going to make things interesting, in a lot of ways (not all of them good)!

    Still, I've got a few examples of things that I'd be keen to rework into fully fleshed-out templates, if it means making a bit of dosh for my troubles.

    Also, here's hoping that this is a precursor to the long-overdue "modularity". Not holding my breath for it, but it could fit in very nicely with a proper asset store.

    EDIT: beaten to the punch, but I think Spongehammer and myself are on the same wavelength about this.

    Ashley Tom

    Thanks Tom. Thanks Ash. Thanks for bringing the asset store. I hope it's the signs coming for really getting C2 that full integrated community and commercial experience. I'm kinda leaning on the idea that this is the first foundation structure for C2 IDE access to the store(gotta have a store) and for Modularity. But it's also important for Modularity to come out after the asset store. As it's possible for CAPX to change due to improvements and others finding bugs. Having the Modulare CAPX(CAPM?) only have Functions and Objects as accessible over say COPY/PASTE will provide that really needed Library support that C2 needs. Maybe CAPLIB? But yes. CAPX used as Library Modules rather than copy/paste for every update.


    I totally understand the concern. The likely next phase is that there is a going to be a rush of work put into the store. We will see better peer review and works get shot down. As DUOIT mentioned that many tuts and samples are very low quality or teach bad C2 habits. What will happens is that better quality will rise to the top. This higher quality will spread. These works will get into games and C2 games will have a quality bump. We will see more games coming out of better quality. What will follow is that with C2 proving itself as a more valid commercial product is a large increase in developers. This increase of developers will then grow into more communitys. As an example the UnityCommunity Wiki which has tons of code to do many script work. Even though Unity has an asset store the developers are so vast that free work is still done. With C2 growing to valid commercial we will see the same shift.

    However the first phase no matter what is going to be as you claim. But it's only one phase before a new broader C2 culture and eco system settles.

    GO GO C2.

    Yeah, it's nice to have plugins for free. But on the upside maybe now we will finally see properly working wrappers, which would be a massive benefit. And I get it that it's hard to maintain such huge projects while not making any money out of them. So it will be fair.

    Yes, this seems like a great idea! However, I really hope that the quality of the assets sold will be kept good. Less is more.

    First item is online <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Check it out here (if you have access) ... ace-psd-35

    To celebrate the new store i'll give a way a few redeem codes for free. To make it fair you can enter a contest here (just mail addresse needed)

    Enter contest (free & without registration)

    Winner will be notifed by mail and i'll send him a redeem key for my 'Mobile Game UI'. The winner(s) can download it for free <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Thanks to Tom for this great idea with the store. Can you tell me when the store will be online for all?

    Thanks a lot!

    Oh yeah, forgot there was a code thingy, but is the store live now?

    I've been putting together a little platform version for the pendulum template I added.

    I'm just not sure how to distribute it.

    Great news. I am looking forward to buy a working mobile template that has Leaderboard, Achivements, IAP and Social integration (perhaps Facebook and Twitter)

    This sounds great ... makes we wish I found C2 sooner -- right now I just have ideas! Good luck ... and please send me promo codes if anyone needs anything rigorously reviewed! ... cheers!

    My track is up. Are you guys able to preview it cause I can't for some reason? ... xplorer-52

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