Seeking assets for our new store!

From the Asset Store
290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!

    This would be an ideal time to introduce modularity into C2 if for nothing else but allowing importing of modular capx.

    Agree, I like this feature, since c2 is a objects/elements/plugins based engine.

    I assume people who now develop free plugins, behaviours & effects for the community will now stop. ?

    In fact that could also apply to tutorials and examples on the forums. Cynical i know but thats how it goes.

    My plugins will be free since I enjoy making plugins.

    It is a procedure to learn how to divide a problem into some basic elements, and how does users use them. I LOVE the event-plugin system.

    I have 2 assets pack to be sent, thanks Tom and Ashley!

    EDIT: My asset packs is not substantial for the store, was thinking for enormous assets.


    I use lots of your plugins so thanks for that.

    How exactly do I submit my assets to the store?

    Sounds great! If anyone has any plugin requests, feel free to PM me. Sounds like making some stuff would be a fun side project.

    What about

    famekrafts you need to be in the private beta, read the original post for details.

    Everyone else, it's hard to give a fixed release date but it's all coming on nicely, don't worry! Fedback from sellers so far has been extremely positive and we're getting a lot of constructive feedback as well.

    is it possible to give buyers Steam keys with games sold on the asset store?

    is it possible to give buyers Steam keys with games sold on the asset store?

    Your game would have first to be on steam anyway. But probably in the future connecting with steam might be considered by scirra.


    Tom Yeah, the store is going to rock!

    russpuppy good question. We'd have to check with Steam ToS to see if they are permitted for sale like that though. Even if so, we're not going to implement that for initial launch.

    Sorry important change everyone, you must be at least 18 years old to sell assets in our store. Sorry for overlooking this. If anyone currently in the beta is not 18, please drop me an email.

    We'll not be accepting applications from anyone under 18 from now. If you are not 18 years old or older, please do not apply for the new store beta.

    I'm under 18, so bad....

    Never mind, I still can show my next assets in my website.

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    Tom Thanks for the reply. I have sent you email with portfolio links as well as sample images of assets already on other sites.

    Tom quick question. Can withdraws via Paypal use different email address - different one from set in profile? I'm using my "official" one for all "scirra stuff" but my actual paypal is registered on a different email address.

    And btw new store looks great. One thing I've noticed is preview window makes items preview a bit difficult. White text over small item image covers it all up.

    I have the same question as shinkan, my paypal address is different than the one I use for the scirra website. Can you add a section to the profile to put in a paypal email address?

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