What next for Construct 2?

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  • Hi all,

    We're currently prioritising improving performance for mobile games. However this depends on some other technologies being developed a little further. In the mean time we can be developing something else - but what do you want to see next for Construct 2?

    We do hope to ultimately include everything on the list, but there's a huge amount of work there, so this is merely a question of which to do first.

    For "More event sheet features", that would mean:

    • usability improvements (folder organisation in event dialogs; switch action/condition object quickly, etc)
    • function-like features
    • 'Else', 'While', 'Any' / 'OR', for-each ordered, etc.

    Please note this poll is just for our information and this isn't guaranteeing what we will or won't be doing, it's just to help us make decisions while we develop Construct 2 further. Vote away to make your opinion heard!

  • (BTW I know the forum lets you only pick one option, but it's not the end of the world, just pick the one which is most important to you and we'll probably run another similar poll in future!)

  • I've cast my voice :D

  • I chose better monetization options. I wanted to ask what the status of playMobi integration.

  • Really, I'd love to be able to export in ios native app.

  • My vote was for online multiplayer, something that would probably greatly expand your user base as, judging from the numerous forum threads I've read, it's something a lot of people want!

    Closely followed were monetisation options (as I'm sure many people are eager to make some money!), more event sheet features, and the Shaders (although the exclusion of browers not supporting WebGL doesn't really make this a top priority for me).

    All of the options looked pretty good though really, looking forward to seeing all of these in the future!

  • This is a hard choice... time to make multiple accounts!

  • Hello Ashley! Your doing a great job BTW! I selected Other because I don't see (Containers) on the List. I LOVED that feature in Construct Classic. It is a bit annoying to have to destroy all parts of one main object that are pinned to it. Family Helped a little where you could set all items on one object in one family, but if you have multiple objects with the same items pinned to it, you have to get creative with your deletion process...   

    Is Containers something you are still looking into, or are the other feature able to compensate for not having it?

    If That is a No-Go, I choose DEBUGGER! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

  • Here we go again!

    I voted for better monetisation options because I'm sure C2 is already fit for making a commercial web game.

    If I could pick another 2 options, it would be:

    1- Multiplayer (simply because I'm working on a 2 player idea :P)

    2- Image Editors: a "fill with color" would do for fast prototyping! I'd love to see support for coordinate input on origins, action points and collision vertex. Oh, and also a preference option where I could set the default for "use bounding box" vs. "calculate collision" when importing images.

    That's it!

    Thanks Ashley!



    Indeed, a container (or parent object) would be great!

    Even sweeter if we could define which properties should be inherited (position, scale, rotation, opacity)

  • Wow. I would like to click all options!! :) But would be so nice to make a multiplayer online game! :)

  • If I could vote for more than one thing, I would choose "More event sheet features" and "Better monetisation options". I voted for the event sheet features because this is more important to me at the moment.

  • Yayy! Multiplayer is a cool thing , but i think Construct 2 Needs a power up in effects zone, yes we can do a lot of things with events but shaders are amazing and they would take a lot of work from us :)

    Keep the good job guys! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • For "More event sheet features", that would mean:

    - usability improvements (folder organisation in event dialogs; switch action/condition object quickly, etc)

    - function-like features

    - 'Else', 'While', 'Any' / 'OR', for-each ordered, etc.

    Functions !!!!

  • Also in my vote is for In Game Purchases.

  • Functions would be a great improvement.

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