What next for Construct 2?

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  • Ashely : "Separate Loading"

    It is important for web game to decrease loading time.

    More over, could it be possible to decrease memory usage at runtime on mobile (to improvement performance)?

  • About "Online multiplayer", does it mean that C2 can create logic running on server, or just provide a network connecting?

  • JohnnySix - the +/- keys skip between frames.

  • Family behaviors would make almost any project I've ever made in C2 so much easier. I'd love to see it! :D

  • I would love to see a spline system for maps for creating hand drawn side scrollers with curvy landscapes. The splines would be set to immovable objects for smooth character movement... Currently I am overlapping Boxes to get a similar effect. That would help me soooo much. Construct Rocks!

    Another option that would be cool is in the animation window.. to give an option to apply current bounding box to all animations... so it is not so hard trying to match them at the bottom where collision is needed. Not just the current animation but all other animations associated with an object. So just add one more option to apply to all animation sequences.

  • I voted for more events(event sheet) but more options in image editor would be great as well :)

  • Better performance in ios & droid, and money stuff.

    Smaller stuff: duck & jump down through platformer options, grid snapping for collision box drawing

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  • Maybe easier/ automatic high scores table ?

  • Containers and OpenGL runtime.

  • I would REALLY REALLY appreciate an image editor!!! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I didn't really want to read through 9 pages of responses to see if it had been mentioned yet, but if you are planning an online multiplayer built in option, are you considering the WebRTC approach? I almost think P2P browser gaming will be capable through it, though it is built more for video and audio transfer than smaller files, it should still be much better than bouncing back and forth from the server all day.

  • I asked about event condition features without realizing you guys were asking! I wrote a bit about it here.


    Online multiplayer would be a huge feature, maybe also local play via wifi for devices?

    Finally, a couple of simple improvements to the animation editor, namely copy and paste for frames between animations, and remembering the last animation speed, rather than always starting at 5 FPS.

  • Ashley - it would be kickass to have Global & Local Values "Add to (by name)". That way we can have an include sheet that references variables relevant to each layout:

    Add 1 to "WinVariable"&(gamescreen)

    Similar to your "go to layout (by name)" system action, which really makes things much easier when working multiple layouts referencing similar event sheets.

  • I think Debugger will be very helpful,

    But Money-making relative features are most important for me.

    like easy - native app packager, easy-AD add for mobile games.

    And I know I'm expecting too much, color-filter is needed for me.

  • Image Editor tools! For the love of God!

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