What next for Construct 2?

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  • I vote shaders!

    But it looks like more events and multiplayer features are winning... those are both good things too. Actually... multiplayer would be awesome. I'm sticking with shaders as my top choice though. I neeeed them.

  • There are so many options to choose from...

    I'd say, Z ordering, family behaviours, better tilemap support, multiplayer.

    I'd add also "interaction/integration with other services" that would help monetization, image editing and other stuff, to keep C2 more focused on development.

  • Support direct canvas accelereated in AppMobi export

  • We can't have online multiplayer unless we have containers, for each ordered, debugger, function, and a lot of other basic (as in base, not as in easy/simple) stuff.

    Besides, online multiplayer for HTML5 isn't even a thing that exists. We have websockets supported only by firefox and chrome, there's no UDP yet (though they're working on it, as well as p2p: check this document out, it isn't even past the draft stage). We need UDP or we can't have anything even remotely close to realtime.

    My pick is editor stuff (function/or/else/foreach ordered/etc) then containers, then debugger.

  • ... Besides, online multiplayer for HTML5 isn't even a thing that exists...


  • As a non-programmer learning to make games using Construct, I would say increasing Event functionality would be most important to me.

  • > ... Besides, online multiplayer for HTML5 isn't even a thing that exists...


    I misspoke. I meant realtime multiplayer. You can see there is a HUGE delay even in the promo video, and you may notice the game is quite short. Even that Rawkets game, which was kind of realtime, is never online anymore. Websockets are not viable for multiplayer, IMO.

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  • What is the status of playmobi integration? If that was an option it would be my vote.

  • mammoth

    I think that the best it's the construct 2 do a total support do AppMobi and the AppMobi direct canvas accelerates...

  • ^^^ C2 is so close to being the best 2D engine to deploy to multiple locations. Im really looking forward to in game purchases.

  • Do we have per pixel collision yet? That would be *drool*...

  • Do we have per pixel collision yet? That would be *drool*...

    Javascript isn't fast enough to allow this, as Ashley said. Technology is rapidly improving, so it could be possible in the future, but I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

  • oh man oh man! better monetization, online multiplayer, shaders!

    So many awesome things! Anything on the list would be great :D

    I chose monetization cos I saw it lagging a bit.

  • I've chosen Better monetisation options. I think it's essencial.

    On second place I would choose More event sheet features.

    What would be on the bottom of my wishlist: Image editor tools - editing with external app is ok by me and Z order editor in layout view.

  • I really underestimated how popular the "online multiplayer" feature would be!

    It's fascinating to see how many people voted for it, but I think it will not be implemented in the near feature for a few reasons:

    • it's a very complicated feature which could take a very long time to implement, and as popular as it is I think the other options (like monetisation options) are better to do first since they are probably quicker and arguably more important.
    • browser support is still not very good: the Websockets spec was only just very recently finished, and Chrome and Firefox are the only browsers which currently fully and correctly implement it AFAIK. So it may not work well or at all on other browsers or mobiles. Waiting some time will allow other browsers to mature their support and catch up.
    • multiplayer games are also difficult to develop even once we've added support, requiring server hosting and very carefully tuned events to make sure it works well in real-time. So I'm not convinced everyone will be able to easily take advantage of it.

    Rest assured I'm now well aware of the popularity of the option, but basically having thought carefully about the practicalities I think it would be best to postpone it at least a few months.

    So the next features in line are most likely:

    • directCanvas (currently working with appMobi to get this working really nicely for C2 games)
    • more event sheet features (coming up in next beta release)
    • better monetisation features
    • family behaviors (partly for completeness, since then the Families feature is 100% complete)
    • then I'll probably do another poll...

    As in the OP, no guarantees on things actually being done this way, just trying to best sync up the order of work with the best thing for everyone, while taking in to account practicalities.

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