What next for Construct 2?

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  • Hello Ashley! Your doing a great job BTW! I selected Other because I don't see (Containers) on the List.

    Ack, if I could retract my vote, I'd pick this instead. Containers were pretty darn helpful.

  • More event sheet features was my vote! Multiplayer if I had a second option.

  • Yes, "function-like features" for me, too. Would greatly improve Construction.

  • Functions !!!!

    Well there's a Function plugin... i've been using it for so long I forgot it was not a default plugin. Maybe they could just make it official. It has more features than the CC function

  • Voted for online multiplayer! Everything else has a workaround or can be tolerated but multiplayer components seems way harder to tackle for people like me. Keep up the great work!

  • <font size="6">I want Construct 2 to be able to add your own Code.</font>

  • Tough choices. :). I was tempted to go with online multiplayer option, because of how huge that would be, but for me, more event sheet features would be even more attractive, so my vote went for this.

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  • I voted Other. An Inherent Layer would be great!

  • For each ordered, containers, z-index.

    Monetisation, would be nice, sounds like a pita to implement tho.

  • I'm voting for event sheet features -- functions (together with "or" statements, "while" loops, etc) are FUNDAMENTAL to basic programming... isn't this the obvious choice?

    Multiplayer would be cool, but you aren't going to find multiple players for your game if it isn't a quality game to begin with, and for that you need to improve the core functionality.

    Being able to use standard programming style code will also greatly increase the user base of Construct 2, because it will be easier for experienced programmers to make the transition. And having more users is good for everybody -- it leads to increased revenues for the developers, increased community in the forums, etc.

  • Oh, and please, would it be possible to have an iBookks Author widget export ?

    Thanks for your work, Construct 2 is fantastic !!!

  • 1. More event sheet features

    (functions, 'Else', 'While', 'Any' / 'OR', for-each ordered, (folder organisation in event dialogs; switch action/condition object quickly)

    2. Better monetisation options (maybe related to iOS/Android/PC/Mac exporter, easy to integrate ads, in-app purchase, etc)

    too bad i can only vote for 1 <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I would think more event sheet features would be useful to more people than multiplayer, so perhaps should be prioritized.

  • i realy want the family behavior!!!!

  • i realy want the family behavior!!!!

    LOL - you have to purchase the program to get that... But it exists already <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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