What next for Construct 2?

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  • - more event sheet features (coming up in next beta release)

    I suppose you don't need more people telling you this, but you're awesome. :)

  • Ashley

    What will be the next in the next relase? And when can we expect?

  • It's here ! Awesome release is awesome :)

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  • I really underestimated how popular the "online multiplayer" feature would be!

    So the next features in line are most likely:

    - directCanvas (currently working with appMobi to get this working really nicely for C2 games)

    - more event sheet features (coming up in next beta release)

    - better monetisation features

    - family behaviors (partly for completeness, since then the Families feature is 100% complete)

    - then I'll probably do another poll...

    A lot of people like to think that if their game has no multiplayer their game will fall flat. Also multi player + social features are really in right now.

    Your plan sounds great and is probably the best plan for C2. Great job Ashley!

  • Online multiplayer sounds really hard.

  • So hard to choose! I chose multiplayer, but had to flip a coin between that and debugger. I'd like to see all this stuff added haha! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ... but basically having thought carefully about the practicalities [of the "online multiplayer" feature] I think it would be best to postpone it at least a few months.

    Good call, Ashley.

    Online multiplayer sounds really hard.

    It is. It's bleeding edge stuff (I know - I've got the scars to prove it. <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)

    The trickiest bit is setting up a robust server back-end - and that's way outside the current scope of Construct 2 (and maybe of most Constructors?).

  • I know this seems like something that may not make the cut, but I'd like to see some support for module music or NSF or VGM drivers incase someone wants to put in 8-bit music. The file sizes would be significantly lower than that of oggs and wavs. I understand browser limitations would effect it, but I think there should be some support. An alternative would be increasing the file size requirements for Scirra Arcade games if possible.

  • Well with all the votes, it still depends on Ashley on which will be developed next based probably on feasibility or somthing. We can only inlfuence him through the votes. *Mind controls Ashley* - "Multiplayer....NOW!" :P

  • I'm glad you decided not to go with adding multiplayer yet. I feel like if you would have it would have caused a ton more problems and bugs, and your attention would be diverted to fixing all of that (since there's no doubt that people would be complaining about all the issues) instead of adding more features or making the program more user friendly etc...

    I voted for more event features. I don't know if pathfinding or AI comes under the event features category but it would be great if we can have more types of movement for enemies. Like have it patrolling a set of coordinates (for example move randomly within 10,10 to 20,20 at some set speed). Every other program I've tried has also had fairly big issues with AI/pathfinding, and by issues I mean it's really difficult to do it effectively. A more automated way would be very nice, like a plugin or something.


    I guess this next part is more of a suggestion but I think it fits here. What I would like to see personally is prepackaged event sheets (or something) with very basic conditions and actions for generic genres. For example an RPG pack that includes all of the very basic things that come when creating an RPG. Health system, level up system, some sort of attributes for players like attack, defense, maybe inventory and a few basic and different types of AI (patrolling, random movement within a certain area, etc...). Just some basic things that all or most RPGs should have. This is not limited to RPGs it's just the best example I can think of since it has many different features to it.

  • I would love to make multiplayer games as much as the next person. But I know that most games with multiplayer have several people on that team just dedicated to multiplayer. So I know it can be tough.

    Im loving the new release and I cannot wait to see what's coming!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hey guys, i know there are lots of demands for the next release and i wan't to add a brick to that wall :)

    There are two main thing i want to see on new release:

    1- Vectoral image support:

    I know there are both avantages and disadvantes of vectorized image displaying but i think simple vector images will boost the quality. I wrote more on this post.

    2- New 'saving' option.

    When we save our projects as 'single file' it gives us a nice .capx file with the release version we use. BUT...

    When you are a team, and you have a team mate who loves to find bugs (hey Rudi :)) things getting a bit difficult.

    My mate is a bug-hunter so he try to help development of C2 and thats why he always use beta releases of C2. I, on the other hand, as a free version user on beginner level like to use stable versions. When we are on a project i always download those betas because we can't work on same file if we use different releases.

    I know there are always improvements on different releases but there must be an option to save as previous versions if we did not use those new stuffs of the new release.

    I can give CorelDRAW as an example. You can save you files as compatible to previous versions. If you don't use special things of the new release there will be no problem.

    I beleive it is an important factor to encourage people to work together.

  • Closing this thread - this is an out of date feature poll, we had a newer one recently which was subsequently closed.

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