Basic Physics Tutorial - Save the Monkeys!

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45. If you find the game too easy, adjust the size of the SmallBlocks and the BigBlock. To do this, click on the Layout 1 tab to go back to the layout view.

46. Use CTRL and Click to select all of the SmallBlocks, then change the size in the Properties panel to 50,100 (was 100,100).

47. Select the BigBlock and use the Properties panel to change its size to 400,50 (was 400,100).

48. You will then need to move it back into position on top of the SmallBlocks.

49. You will also need to use CTRL and Click to select all the Monkeys and move them into position on top of the BigBlock.

50. Run the game again and test the effect of the change you have made!

When playing the game, you have probably noticed that the Monkeys sometimes disappear outside the boundaries of the layout. To prevent this from happening, you need to add another behaviour to all of the Monkeys.

51. Ensure you are viewing Layout 1.

52. Select MonkeyOne.

53. In the Properties panel, select Add/Edit under Behaviours, select the plus sign in the Behaviours window, double click on Bound to Layout, then close the Behaviours window.

54. Repeat the above step for MonkeyTwo and MonkeyThree.

55. Run the game and make sure that the Monkeys cannot fall outside the Game window.


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