Basic Physics Tutorial - Save the Monkeys!

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72. Switch back to Layout 1, right click on the Background, right click on Insert New Object, then double click on Audio.

After a short wait, the Audio object will be added to your game allowing you to use sounds in the project.

73. In the Projects/Objects/Layers panel on the right (Projects tab), right click on Sounds, then select Import sounds.

74. Select the two sound files from your Assets folder called: Crunch.wav and SaveTheMonkeys.wav. Select Open, then Import. Once the sounds have been imported, click on OK to close the Import audio files window.

The sounds are now ready for use in your project.

75. Switch to Event Sheet 1 and add the following new Action under System > On Start of Layout:

76. Add Action > Audio > Play > SaveTheMonkeys > Looping > Done.

77. Also Add New Audio Actions for when each of the Monkeys collide with the Devils as follows:

Notice that the Crunch sounds above have been set to Not Looping.


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