Basic Physics Tutorial - Save the Monkeys!

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28. Right click the Background image > Insert New Object > Sprite > click once on the Background image > Load Image from a File > MonkeyOne > close Edit Image window.

29. Rename the sprite to MonkeyOne > add a Behaviour of Physics > leave Immovable to No.

30. Repeat the two steps above for MonkeyTwo and MonkeyThree, ensuring that you name each one correctly.

31. Move the three monkeys into the following position:

32. Save the game, then Run the Layout.

You will probably notice that the monkeys simply fall down and off the edge. By default, the physics gravity functionality is automatically applied to physics objects. This needs to be turned off when the game layout first runs. To do this, you need to add some game functionality and this is done in the event sheet called Event sheet 1.


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