Basic Physics Tutorial - Save the Monkeys!

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A tutorial to demonstrate the use of Basic Physics. You need to save the monkeys by making sure their platform reaches the ground with the monkeys still on it!

Required files:

1. Create a folder called SaveTheMonkeys.

2. Inside this folder, create another folder called Assets.

3. Download and unzip all the files into the Assets folder.

4. Run Construct 2 and click File, New, Store Project in a Single File , Create Project.

5. In the Properties panel on the left, make the following changes to your Project Settings:


6. In the Projects/Objects/Layers panel on the right (Layers tab), click on the Pencil image and rename the layer to Background, as follows:

7. Double click on the Layout 1 view, double click on Tiled Background, click once anywhere in the Layout 1 view, then select Load an Image from a File as follows:

8. Navigate to your Assets folder, select the Background image and click on Open, then close the Edit Image window that appears. Your image should appear in Layout 1.

9. With the background image selected, in the Properties panel change the position and size of the TiledBackground to the following:

10. Also, select the Projects tab (at the bottom of the Projects/Objects/Layers panel)

11. Select Layout 1, then make the following changes to the Layout Size in the Properties panel on the left:

12. Use CTRL and Middle Mouse Button to zoom in until the background fills the work area (you may also need to use the vertical/horizontal scroll bars).


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