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Construct 3 r164

Stable update: timeline improvements; scripting autocomplete; lots more

03 September, 2019 ()
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It's a new stable release of Construct 3! If you're updating from the last stable release r157, then this update includes changes from r158, r159, r160, r161, r162 and r163.

Highlights include:

Timelines can now play with different instances. They now also use a tagging system, similar to the Audio plugin, so they can be controlled independently.

Scripting now supports autocomplete, helping you be productive while coding. There are also lots of new APIs available.

• Performance improvements, particularly with intensive use of solid collisions

• Improved support for the upcoming Safari 13 release

• The Italian language is now available by default for the editor!

• Lots more, including loading stylesheets, new minify modes on export, and loads of bug fixes - see all the intervening release notes for full details!

We'll be starting a new beta release update cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the beta release opt-in: choose Notify me about updates for beta releases in Settings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Bug Fixes

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'Find all references' results could incorrectly show as disabled
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Drawing Canvas: possible crash in worker mode

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