Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r160

Timeline & scripting updates; lots of bug fixes

12 August, 2019 ()

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In this release we've continued to improve the Timelines feature. This includes the ability to play timelines with different instances using the new Set instance action in the Timeline plugin; support for the Z elevation property; and making the 'Play' actions asynchronous actions so they can be used with the system Wait for previous actions to complete action.

We've also continued work on the Scripting feature. There are now adjustments to the way editor coding works as well as improved handling of autocomplete and built-in variables, as well as a range of new scripting interfaces to control more of the built-in plugins from script. The plugin interfaces documentation in the scripting section of the manual will be updated to cover these shortly.

On top of that there's also a variety of other changes and tweaks, and as usual a batch of bug fixes. We're now back after a short break so our regular update schedule should now resume, so stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

8 favourites
Timeline plugin: 'Set instance' action to play timelines with different instances
6 favourites
Timeline plugin: 'Play' actions are now async
5 favourites
Timeline plugin: Option to use keyframe tags with the 'Set Time' actions
7 favourites
Timelines & Tween behavior: Support for Z elevation


2 favourites
Mobile Advert: Deprecated 'Configure' action, as using the plugin properties for configuration is now a requirement
2 favourites
Text editor: improve the scroll position save/restore when switching tags
1 favourites
Touch: requesting device orientation/motion permission now supported in legacy C2 runtime
1 favourites
Animations Editor: remove 'Original source' property, and strikethrough styles for disabled properties
3 favourites
Animations Editor: remove limit on animation speed property

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Crash using 'Find all references' (regression in r159)
2 favourites
Export manager: C2 mobile exports now recieve a patch when imported to correct layout behaviour on "notch" devices
5 favourites
Z Order Bar: Content not shown upon loading a new project if the bar was already open
1 favourites
Animations Editor: Occasionally the state of the tools in the vertical scroll bar would not be properly restored
2 favourites
Animations Editor: Collision polygon drawn at the wrong position in Firefox
2 favourites
Animations Editor: Mobile sliding panels got stuck, and the editor could not be closed
2 favourites
Animations Editor: Increase the width of sliding panels so there is empty room in the frames panel to scroll if necessary
1 favourites
Animations Editor: Sorting frames in iOS was not working properly due to interference between the sorting behaviour and the default scrolling behaviour
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when duplicating an instance which is already part of a timeline
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash after trying to preview a timeline which had previously been deleted while previewing
3 favourites
Timelines: Crash when opening a project saved with changes to the result mode property of a property track
3 favourites
Timelines: Improve accuracy of values calculated by timelines
5 favourites
Tween Behavior: Fix "Set end value" action
2 favourites
Mobile Advert: remove any whitespace surrounding app IDs, pub IDs and unit IDs to fix typos
4 favourites
SpriteFont: TextWidth/TextHeight did not update immediately after setting object size

SDK updates

2 favourites
Possible crash opening Addon Manager with invalid addon in safe mode

Scripting updates

1 favourites
Disabled language specific identation in text editors - prevents unneeded indentation in JS when following the style of having the opening brace on a new line
2 favourites
Referencing an undefined variable in a script is now assumed to be an external variable, and is considered to be defined in the global scope by the autocomplete system
3 favourites
New script interfaces for Array, Button, Dictionary, Sprite, SpriteFont, Text, Text Input, Tiled Background and Tilemap
2 favourites
Added "deviceorientation" and "devicemotion" events, and Touch script interface for requesting orientation/motion permission
3 favourites
Add runtime.invokeDownload() method
3 favourites
Fix incorrect error using 'await' in event sheet script blocks
3 favourites
Both 'runtime' and 'localVars' are now recognised by the script analyser in event sheet script blocks

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  • Hi there, I found a bug with ease behavior. When I use One Parameter Easing, Color property (rgba255 or rgbex255). When my function using this feature is called, the game is crashing.

    Thanks for all your works Construct is amazing ;)

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      • DiegoM
      • Construct Team Construct 3 Developer
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      I tried this very quickly to see if it was an easy fix, but I couldn't find anything wrong.

      Can you file a bug?

      You can do it in

      Make sure to follow the guidelines and include step by step instructions on how to trigger the crash. This is the fastest way to get the problem solved.

  • Hi there,

    Do you have an update on the iPhone X screen problem when exporting to Cordova?